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2021 Painting Trends for Your Commercial Property

If it's your first time managing a commercial painting task of a building, it can be daunting to handle a multiple facet project if you miss the necessary aspects. Some of these aspects include safety, durability, maintenance, and curb appeal. A commercial painting contractor accommodates all these factors in their strategy to hand you the desired outcome.

There is so much innovation going on these days that following trends is a wonderful way to acquire the most cutting-edge applications, colors, paints, and coatings to add value to your building or business.

Looking for some cool painting ideas you can use to revamp your commercial property, here is the right place. Dive into the article to know more about it.

Let's go through the top 4 trends in the commercial painting industry:

1. Color Balancing

It's no secret that color influences people's moods (and even their purchasing habits). From apartment residents to executives selling their businesses, everyone uses color to add beauty and harmony and create the environment they desire.

In 2021, it seems like the design experts and the people have made it loud and clear. What everyone needs in this pandemic are the colors that boost positivity and hope around us.

This year, it'll all be about balance and near-neutral tones, such as blues, greens, and reimagined pastels that exude calm and confidence in professional settings. Almost every professional area could use some more of that under the shadow of COVID-19.

Dusty pinks, seafoam blues and greens, ocean blues, and hues of mocha and sand that can only be characterized as comfortable and refreshing make browsing Sherwin Williams selections for the year seem a little like taking a walk through the lovely coastal hamlet of your choosing. That makes sense–after all, we just went through 2020, which is precisely the atmosphere society needs.

2. Durability and Reliability

The scientists are now working on formulas that can withstand the elements, sunrays, repairs, and maintenance. If you are new to this, why not take the help of a professional commercial painter who can assist you in identifying paints and coatings that are mainly developed for this use. There are also commercial paint products that resist fading, which is ideal for regularly exposed buildings to UV rays.

Floor coatings and safety paints are having their renaissance. It is wise to resort to painting and slip-resistant coating to help keep everyone safe on the floor and control traffic as warehouses get busier and more complicated.

3. Mass switch to eco-friendly

Commercial paints are not only getting safer, but they are also reducing the carbon impact of the structures they cover. By better managing the environment and temperature, light-hued shades on the commercial property exteriors keep the in-house energy intact.

They also keep the HVAC system from working harder than it needs to, resulting in higher expenses and energy consumption.

In the last few decades, interior paint has also gotten significantly healthier. Choosing VOC-free coatings and paints makes it simpler for everyone in the office to breathe. If you'd like to maintain a healthy environment in the office, opting for an eco-friendly color can enhance indoor air quality. Some institutions may want to avoid using paint completely and instead employ specialized wall coverings.

4. Brand Moments

With the wide usage of social media, no business wants to leave behind its digital presence. A stunning exterior paint job is one method to make your business quickly recognized both online and off.

Buildings and businesses efficiently use the exterior color palette to extend their marketing and branding either with characteristic colors or with walls that serve as a digital canvas for anybody who wants to share it on social media.

This technique is proven in bringing more traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, looks excellent in rental property ads, and may even enhance the value of your property, allowing you to charge higher rental rates.

To sum up, you can have the benefit of obtaining insight into the current, hottest trends if you engage with experienced, skilled commercial paint contractors. With the expert knowledge, it will all be smooth and effective rather than doing it yourself!

We understand it can get daunting to choose the perfect shade and finalize everything on your own, so we’re here to help. Our experts have great knowledge and expertise of what suits the best for the properties. Their keen eye and up-to-the-date knowledge of the latest colors trends would sure add appeal to your building.

Looking to get your interior or exterior painted- contact MetrowestCorporationMA now. Our experts will guide you through the entire process of quotation to the final delivery. Connect with us now and get free estimate. Refresh your building with our best painting services! Our services are based in MA & CT regions.

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