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5 Tips to protect your furniture during House Painting.

When your home gets painted, a primary concern is keeping all your furniture and upholstery clean and protected. It is natural for the paint to splash while the painters work. You must move and cover your furniture carefully otherwise, it may get paint spots all over them. Usually, a reputed home painting contractor will assist you with covering and moving all the items while the painting gets done. But you can also take certain precautions beforehand to simplify the task.

Read on to find the different ways to manage your furniture while your home gets painted.

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Move the decorative pieces to the other rooms

If you have various show-pieces around the house like table lamps, decorative statues, and similar items-simply move them to another room. Usually, professional painting contractors work one room at a time. So, temporarily shift such small items to another room. They are small and lightweight enough for anyone. However, make a checklist of all the items getting moved so that you do lose or misplace anything when moving them back to their original places.

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Roll up the carpets

Whether the walls or the ceiling gets painted, there will always be small paint splashes and even sprays of color. There is no way your carpet will remain intact while the room gets painted. The simplest solution is to roll up the carpet and stow it away till the entire home painting project gets concluded. In case, you have carpeted flooring, consult a professional regarding removing it or covering it while the painting project is ongoing. You can spread trampoline sheets all over the floor and tape them to the base of the wall to secure the carpet flooring.

Take down the curtains

The curtains will just come in the way of professional painters. Even if you are not taking them down, once your painters arrive, they will do so. Also, if you have fabric blinds, it is better to take them down. Even faux wood shades and blinds get easily stained from the wet paint. It is even harder to remove the paint from such materials. Lastly, if your installed window cover is permanent, you cannot remove it. But you may require help from professional cleaners and even painters to clean them. Consult the painting contractor regarding how they clean up after the service. Also, ask whether cleaning the curtain rods and window shades get included in that process.

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Get lots of plastic and bubble wraps

All sizes of furniture will get displaced from one room to another. Some may even have a very delicate design. Get a lot of plastic and bubble wraps to cover them after they get moved. A lot of dust gets generated from sanding the wall and cleaning old paint. These particles eventually get settled around the room over your furniture. Hence, you need to cover the furniture throughout the house and not just in one room.

Take professional help to move them

Lastly, moving large furniture alone is not easy. You may end up hurting yourself or damaging the furniture. Get professional help for cleaning and moving these items around the house. Even the painting contractor and their workers can assist you with covering and moving the furniture around. The key is to negotiate with them right from the beginning so they know what gets expected of them. They may negotiate and quote the overall cost of the project based on these additional works. But even then, it will be cheaper than separately hiring another packer and mover.

But at the same time, it is crucial to consider the different ways to protect all your furniture. Keeping the tips shared here in mind, you can prevent all your furniture from getting paint spots or dirty.

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