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A quick guide to commercial Floor Painting

Whether it’s a home, office or commercial building, every facility requires repainting or repairing the floors one or another time. Floors are an integral part of a building and need to be maintained from time to time.

Besides, a clean, safe and sturdy floor attracts the customers as well as the workers. However, re-coating or repainting the commercial floor is not so breezy, it requires lots of preparations and planning.

So, here’s an easy roadmap for painting a commercial floor:

Plan strategically

The repainting need for flooring depends on the type of building. If it’s for home, you can clear out the area for a few days.

On the contrary, if it’s your business space, you need to plan strategically; so that there is minimal interference in the business operations. You may need to schedule the task during weekends, off days or even may have to go to shut down the workplace temporarily.

Therefore, you must work out with the contractors to plan so that there is very little or no disruptions to customers or staff. Strategize everything such as what, where and how the floors would be treated.

Clear up the areas to be coated

Once everything is planned out; remove all furniture, equipment and articles from the areas to be treated. It will make it convenient for the experts to inspect the floors and look for cracks, water damage, moulds, etc. In case some defects can ruin the new coating, these need to be resolved before the task begins.

Picking the paint

There are countless options available for commercial paints you can choose from. Selecting the right one is much more than selecting from a colour palette.

Whether you are conscious about a perfect look or seeking durability and safety, I will advise you to get all these points straightened up with your contractors.

VOC-free coatings are environment-friendly and do not affect the air quality of the facility. Therefore, this is the best option if you care for sustainability.

Additionally, I would recommend consulting the experts and choosing wisely according to your budget, flooring needs and visual preferences.

Cleaning the floors thoroughly

Stained or dirty flooring may result in the wastage of your resources. New coats only adhere to a clean and clear surface. Pro-calibre equipment will be needed to scrub and clean the floors rigorously before applying the paint. Thus, it will bond with the floor properly and will give it a perfect finish.

The needful mendings

Before applying paint, all the contraction joints, pits and crevices need to be mended and levelled. Many specialists advise not to use latex repair products to fill up the flaws as they may prevent the coating from the bond with the floors.

Giving it an ideal environment

Factors such as humidity and temperature can impact the result. Therefore, you must know about the perfect temperature and humidity levels for the selected coating. You can ask the commercial services about it and avail the necessary equipment and tools to do so.

Follow up is a must

To get the best results, follow the instructions of the contractor adequately. Do not allow foot traffic before the given time frame is up, else drying and curing may not be long-lasting. It will also be much better if you get a custom maintenance plan from your service provider.


Painting and coating the floors is the best solution to keep them maintained for a longer period. It helps you keep the work environment safe and adds to its sustainability. Professionals are the specialists who can help you select the best products for your flooring to make it look afresh and durable.

We at MetrowestCorporationMA, based in Massachusetts & Connecticut, work in the direction to train our professional team with the technological equipment for painting and coating floors. Our team makes sure that everything is done smoothly and efficiently, keeping it in budget and schedule. You need not worry and please don’t DIY- because, in the end, it’s about safety FIRST.

We’ll handle everything and come out with nicely painted floors. Call us today to talk more about your customizable requirements for commercial floor painting or coating.

So book the expert service and give it a new and sparkling look today!

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