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Common commercial painting challenges and solutions

Painting a commercial building to perfection can be a challenging job. The external paint stays attractive for a long time with regular care and effort. A well-maintained commercial building helps to instigate a positive impression in front of the clients. When the overall property is presentable, it gives the impression that the organization is doing well in the market and growing.

Paint acts as a protective layer on the building and shields and protects the construction from various external factors. Multiple layers of paint may cause a crack or peeling off these are some of the common challenges faced by the painters during their job. In this article, we will discuss this usual problem you can face while painting a commercial building.

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Molds and Fungi

Molds and fungi growing on a commercial building is a common problem faced by every painter. Fungi is a common problem for a building that gets old or improperly maintained. Molds get found in shady and moist areas. The problem that one may face after removing mold is the stain that it leaves on the building. It gets hard to get rid of this stain. But after this stain gets removed permanently, the property must get repainted with mold-resistant color so it does not cause further damage.


Fading color of a building is a problem the painting company hears of regularly. If a building's color starts to fade, it won’t look attractive from the outside. It also sends out a message to the client that the company may be facing financial issues and unable to maintain the property. The best way to get rid of this issue is by selecting quality paint that is long-lasting and durable. Repainting over can refresh the look of the construction and bring back the life of your building. But it doesn't mean the color won’t fade any time soon. This problem can get solved only by applying high-quality paint. These are more resistant to fading.

Blistered Paint

Blistered paints are a real toughie to deal with. Big portions of paint peeling off from the building look disastrous. The problem gets solved when you remove the entire paint and then repaint it. Once the separated paint gets removed, new paint can get reapplied. Also, if you don’t want blistered paint on your building, apply high-graded paint that lasts longer.

Uneven surface

The building surface needs to be smooth. This way the paint looks even and perfect. If there is a crack or any unevenness on the building, it will get hard to get a smoother texture. So the first step to getting a perfect look on your building is sanding the rough or uneven surface to smooth it out. Once you get the desired texture, it will be easier to apply new paint.

Metallic or Galvanized surface

A metallic or oily surface building is resistant to paint. If the exterior of the building is too smooth or galvanized, it is better to apply a layer of primer beforehand. This primer will neutralize the smoothness of the surface.Then it will be easier to apply any paint.


Chalking happens even after you apply paint to your building. A white powdery substance forms a layer on the building making it difficult for any paint to last longer. This also leads to decolorization of the construction over time and the only solution to this problem is to apply good quality paint.

The above-mentioned problems are legit and faced by paint companies daily. But the ultimate solution is to consult with your painter and apply high-graded paint if you want your building to last.

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