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Effects of Paints on Energy Efficiency of Commercial Places

Updated: Mar 14

Commercial facilities have numerous aspects which call for proper maintenance and ensuring high quality. For a commercial property manager, there is a long checklist of essential factors. Energy efficiency and sticking to a budget are the most crucial of all.

Did you know that your choice of paint also affects the energy efficiency of the place? As the manager of the property, it is important to keep maintenance and operational costs under control. But often it gets tricky depending on the nature of the business. But there are many subtle and minor ways in which the goals can be achieved. Hence, you must not overlook any aspect of building maintenance including exterior and interior painting services.

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Read on to find out how the energy efficiency of commercial places is affected by the paint alongside other factors.

Cool roofs and cool walls

Especially in a hot and humid climate, the indoors can get extremely hot. But in a commercial space, it is even more so since generally such places are enclosed. Darker colors will absorb more heat than usual, turning such a room into a furnace. On the other hand, lighter colors reflect light and heat. Thus, the room temperature stays bearable. As a result, you need to use lesser energy to moderate the indoor temperature of such a room.

Keeping in mind the effects of color on the room temperature, cool roofs, and walls are devised. They are made of highly reflective paint and a sheet covering or a reflective tile or shingles. These can help to keep down the temperature to a large extent. As a result, you can save a lot of money otherwise required to have a centralized cooling system.

These kinds of cool roofs and cool walls are particularly useful for older commercial buildings. Renovating such buildings to make them more energy efficient can be rather costly. The alternative is such innovative techniques that require a fraction of the cost to set up and ensures stable temperature at the same time. Many studies prove that buildings can save up to 3x-5x energy than usual by installing cool roofs and cool walls.

Benefits of such roofs and walls

Such roofs and walls are implemented by coating the regular walls and ceiling with reflective paint that will not absorb the heat. Here are some benefits of implementing this system with the help of commercial paint services around you:

  • The interior temperature of the building is reduced. Thus, the cooling cost is also reduced significantly.

  • The “heat island” effect is also minimized as it can lower the temperature within a close radius of the building’s location.

  • The cool roofs and walls are particularly suitable if the commercial place is used as cold storage. The HVAC usage is higher in such a place and by implementing this system, the energy bill can be reduced greatly.

Different types of cool roofs and walls

You would often find homes and even commercial buildings in humid areas with pristine white walls. These are not just for aesthetics but also to keep the sunlight and heat at bay. There are many different types of paint and exterior coatings that are used to achieve such a highly reflective exterior surface.

Paints which have UV protection and reflective properties are particularly useful to moderate the indoor temperature. These days, such paints are available in different colors other than white beige, or pastels. Moreover, such coatings are as durable as regular paints and do not require additional maintenance either.

Reducing the rising energy bill will not only ensure your budget is maintained but also reduces adverse impacts on the environment. Installing cool roofs and walls are similar to getting the building painted. But with professional commercial painting service assistance, you get a lasting and reliable solution to the problem. Energy cost is a crucial part of any commercial space management budget. But with the right measures, you can ensure it is handled wisely.

Commercial painting service are an essential aspect of maintaining a professional and attractive appearance for any commercial property. Professional commercial painters have the knowledge, experience, and equipment required to ensure a high-quality finish that meets the specific needs of each client.

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