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Everything to know about Self-Cleaning paints.

Choosing the perfect paint for your house is a big decision. You win half the battle if you find the right tone for your dream home.

But painting your home with self-cleaning paints is even better. Having your own house is the most desirable life goal for many of us. But almost everyone gets tired at some point due to the regular maintenance. Paint acts as a resisting layer for external damages due to bad climatic conditions, molds, excess moisture, etc. If you use self-cleaning paints for your house, it can protect your home from several environmental factors

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What is self-clean paint?

This advanced technology was invented first by scientists from Singapore. This advanced product got formulated at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology. One of the prime ingredients is titanium dioxide. As a result, when the paint gets exposed to the sunlight it remains intact. Also, the organic substance gets decomposed on the paint coating as it contains oxidative properties.

Self-cleaning paint is the best option for those customers who don’t want to waste any effort in maintenance. Also, this paint is best suited for regions that are hard to reach or clean. Self-cleaning paints are great for reducing maintenance and effort. It also repeals water or oil from the substance.

How do self-cleaning paints work?

Any self-cleaning paints can form a layer of a microscopically textured surface with a 140-degree contact angle. This painting results in a highly ultra-hydrophobic surface. This causes the flowing water to form beads across the facade's surface. As a result, if there are spills of any kind, they quickly turn into water droplets that do not get absorbed. You can wipe it and the wall will look as good as new.

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Benefits of choosing self-cleaning paints

The benefit is self-explanatory in the name itself. These paints ensure a lifetime of hassle-free maintenance for the walls. It will not get dirty and hence high maintenance is unnecessary. Moreover, your wall always looks as good as new because of this paint property.

In the long run, such paints are cost-effective too. Since the wall does not get dirty, the color and luster last longer than regular paints. You need not clean the walls too frequently and save significantly on professional cleaning costs. Lasting, repainting the walls would not be required as frequently. You get your money's worth out of the wall paint.

It is the best paint choice for households and commercial spaces with children or high foot traffic. These are places where spills, and accidental debris on the wall occur more often. But when the wall paint can get cleaned easily, such problems should be the least of the concerns. Hence, the paint is fit for schools, kid's rooms, or childcare centers.

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Other innovations in paints

Self-cleaning paint is not the only innovation that is available in the market. There is an array of options among innovative paint formulas. Depending on the geographical location and climatic conditions one can select the best paint. Paint with air purifying technology is another milestone that has been achieved. This innovative paint has been a blessing considering the climate, excessive pollution, and dust particle in the air. Another discovery that has wowed us is the Smart Paint. We have heard of smart appliances or smartphones. Smart paint has been a result of similar unique innovations. A paint that can turn any wall into a Smart screen gave a new meaning to the term smart home.

A lot of innovations happen every day. New inventions in the home development and painting sector are well-known too. But perhaps, the self-cleaning paint is the best of all. Its practical application is universally appealing to homeowners as well as business centers. With such paint, you can always ensure the property looks its best for years. Choosing such paint is the most cost-effective decision for your home project.

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