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Everything you need to know about metal surface painting.

Do you have metal surfaces in your business building?

Are they well-protected against corrosion and other types of environmental degradation?

If you are new to this, it is high time to know about the types of metals at your commercial property and how you can effectively safeguard them.

Although most industrial metals used for pipelines, staircase ceiling joists, door frames, and other essential installations are factory-coated to help minimize wear and tear, such coatings are usually inadequate. It would help if you gave them a fresh coat of paint from time to time to keep them in good shape and increase their longevity.

This article will help you identify the type of metal and what products will be suitable for them.

Why do you need to know the type of metal?

It's critical to know the sort of metal you're working on for your property because ferrous metals are prone to rust. While ferrous metals, such as steel, are frequently delivered to the site pre-primed with a factory primer, this coating will not protect the metal against rust. It is because metal corrodes when exposed to hot and humid climates, whether indoors or out.

Types of metals

There are two types of metals- ferrous and non-ferrous. The ferrous metal contains iron, while the non-ferrous does not contain iron.

A fast magnet test is the easiest technique to detect whether a metal is ferrous or non-ferrous.

Take any magnet and attach it to the metal; it's a ferrous substance if it adheres to the metal. It's non-ferrous if it's not. It is the first clue to the sort of paint and primer you need.

Types of Metal Coatings

Water-based coatings

Water-based metal coatings offer long-lasting, non-chalking, easy-to-clean protection against weathering, mechanical, and chemical stressors. Manufacturers may now make water-based coatings that fulfill a variety of performance criteria thanks to new advancements. Water-based coatings are frequently favored because they emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based coatings.

Powder Coatings

Powder coating is the process of applying a powder-based material to an item. It's an electrostatic technique in which the coating particles are electrically charged with the polarity opposite the coated portion.

Powder coatings are well-known for their long-term durability and attractive look. Powder coatings also produce minimal to non-volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions since they do not include solvents.

Solvent Based Coating

Solvent-based coatings produce a robust, flexible layer that is corrosion resistant and has a long lifespan when applied to properly prepared surfaces and according to the manufacturer's specifications. These coatings are suitable for use on zinc, steel, aluminum, and other metal surfaces because they have an excellent application, rapid drying, good color, and gloss retention and adherence. Some of these coatings are suitable for topcoats, intermediate coats, base coats, and single-coat systems.

Painted Coatings

A painted coating is simply a liquid paint application. It is the most widely available and cost-effective coating. Depending on the metal, the working environment, and the performance requirements, you can utilize several paint formulas.

Paint coatings are gradually being phased out of industrial applications in favor of alternative coating techniques. Toxic elements and other volatile compounds (VOCs) may be present in some paints, rendering them hazardous to the environment. They are also less durable than other coating techniques since they are more prone to fade, peel, or flake off due to extended exposure to the elements.

Why should you hire commercial painting professionals for your property?

Many residential building owners aren't aware of the suitable protective coatings for the different metal surfaces found throughout the property. Unfortunately, a lack of adequate metal protection typically leads to early corrosion of such surfaces, which detracts from the property's aesthetic or, worse, poses a safety threat.

Working with a skilled, experienced commercial painting contractor may guarantee that a range of metal surfaces are properly protected.

Contact our team at MetrowestCorporationMA in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hampshire today for a metal painting commercial project!!

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