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Get your House Painted Before Fall Arrives!

Summer does not linger indefinitely, despite our best efforts to prolong those long, bright days.

On the other hand, Fall is full of exciting activities, get-togethers with friends and family, and delicious feasts.

However, to fully appreciate autumn's bounty, you'll need to make sure your home is in good form for the months ahead. After all, this time of year brings with it pounding rains, severe winds, flying debris, and other hazards.

So, make your home ready before Fall arrives!!

Here are the reasons you should paint your home before winter:

1. Clearing up the grime of summers and spring

The end of summer is the ideal time to hire a pressure washer. Summer's hot temperatures, combined with swarms of insects and a variety of thunderstorms, can turn your house into a haven for all kinds of grime before the season's end.

And, with autumn's trash on the horizon, it's essentially giving your home a thorough cleaning to prepare for the chilly months ahead. So, whether you're planning to paint your home's exterior or want to freshen up your outdoor features before Fall, here are some ideas to get you started.

2. Make the most of long days of summer for painting the exterior.

Although long summer days might bring too high heat for painters to work safely in and for the paint to dry correctly, aside from those blazing instances, summers provide a broad window of opportunity for all types of painting projects.

It's also worth mentioning that the increased demand for painting services throughout the summer months can make scheduling a painting project within your specified timescale challenging. However, this spike tends to taper out in late summer, so you might have an easier time locating trustworthy painters at this time than earlier in the season.

3. Interior Painting during late summers is cost-effective

When it's freezing outside, throwing open windows and doors isn't an option; nevertheless, in the late summer, it's acceptable. As a result, the painters you choose in your area will have an easier job keeping scents of the paint out of your enclosed spaces.

Moreover, because of the fresh air, the surface paint will dry faster.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective time for your home painting projects, late summer is ideal for a hassle-free, streamlined painting process. Besides, you don't have to worry about the irritating paint odors during sunny days.

4. Make your wooden deck winter-proof with a fresh coat of paint.

Aside from the near-freezing temperatures, the abundance of moisture in the air is another reason why most people prefer to paint their patio furniture, walls, and decks before winter.

Paint cannot be applied to a wet surface and must be applied to a dry surface. External surfaces, such as walls and decks, are frequently covered in wet in the winter owing to rain, snow, or dew from the high humidity.

What colour to choose for your house for winter?

For interiors

If your living rooms are open, they are more exposed to chilly winds, so painting them with warm colours like yellow, red or orange will give them an inviting and welcoming appeal. Saturated tints like orange are also perfect for your living area if they receive sunlight for the most part of the day.

Because of its relaxing impact, green is the greatest hue for bedrooms during falls and winters. Green can be used with a grey tint for a classy design that works well in the winter as well as the rest of the year.

For exteriors

Your front house will be a pleasant look if you utilize a glossy white or off-white as the primary colour. Painting your front door a bright green colour helps brighten up the rest of the room. Warmth is conveyed through accents of red, yellow, or orange, which blend well with the primary colour and shades.

Time flies very fast. So call our team today and get your house or office paint job done before the season ends and chilly winter waves hit in!!

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