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Give a classic look to your home with these neutral paint colours!

Gone are the days when neutral colours were the last choice to fashion the interior spaces!

Neutral colors not only create a calming and soothing aura but also add sophistication and class.

Just apply a neutral colour and you will have a chance to highlight the bold elements into the designs. In case you are fond of textural elements, neutral colours blend very well with the warm textures and give your home a welcoming interior.

The best thing about the neutrals is that they work for any style, any space or any setting.

So, here is the list of choicest neutral shades that give a classic and sophisticated look to your home:

White Dove

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is one of the designers’ favourites. The reason being, it is a versatile shade and is not specific to any particular space. If you prefer a minimalist look, it will work magic for you. It perfectly blends with the light hues of yellow.

Whether it’s a traditional or a modern house, it adds more depth than bright shades of white.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

Predicted by many designers, greige is going to top the list of neutral colours in 2021 for its matchless versatility.

Confused between the boring beige and cool undertone of grey, a perfect blend of beige and grey has birthed the stunning greige. It is neither too cool nor too warm. It goes very well with the muted farmhouse shades such as pewter green, waterloo and sea salt and compliments most of the furnishings and decor.

Roycroft Mist Gray SW2844 by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Roycroft Mist Gray adds class and elegance to primary bedrooms and dining areas. Similar to the full-bodied greys, smaller space may make it appear darker, so get a sample paint colour before applying it to the walls.

Pink Neutrals

Rosy neutrals create a warm contrast to the black and white tiles and fixtures when applied to the bathroom walls. Not only this, designers maunder about the warmth and the natural glow, it adds to space and uplifts the surroundings.

Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball is warm, tender and soft, and it goes with any colour. When applied to the ceiling, it gives a flattering effect on everyone.

Behr Off the Grid T18-08

Looking for a sophisticated and classic backdrop, go for an earthy and warm beige-taupe, Behr Off the Grid. This colour was recognized as the colour of the year in 2018 for its richness. Brighten up space by pairing it with the reds or warm yellows. It is the perfect choice for the kitchens and living rooms.

Timeless by Clare

Neither too dated nor too trendy, the colour is a timeless love that compliments almost everything kept next to it. It is an excellent selection for the backdrop of dynamic interiors.

It is an off-white shade with creamy undertones. that enriches the warmth of the place and makes it look more spacious.

Brown Neutral- Barista AF-175 by Benjamin Moore

The colour of nature, brown inspires the natural feel of a home. When paired with a bright white ceiling and trim, it provides a crisp effect, says designer Gary McBournie. The hues of the shade are harmonious and blend with any colour perfectly.

Mocha Foam

If you prefer more presence and won’t like to go for off-white or plain beige, Behr's Mocha Foam is a great go-to. The deeper undertone of beige adds depth and keeps it lit. It goes very well with earthy shades of white and green.

Magnolia Fine Black

The all-time hit neutral black proves everyone wrong who thinks it can’t be neutral. With blue undertones, it is a versatile shade that goes with almost any colour palette. Though it has a creamy and full-bodied texture, it doesn’t feel stark.

If you are looking for a style statement, try these neutrals to create a classic home!

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