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Give Your Living Room an Appealing Voice with these Trending Colors in 2021

The living room has long been regarded as one of the most significant areas in the house for unwinding, entertaining, and, well, living with family and friends.

People make their place more attractive and welcoming through furniture selections, collectables, memoirs, and accessories. It sets the tone for the rest of the house.

However, the paint color on the walls is one of the simplest and most effective ways to identify the living room environment.

Let's find out the latest trends of living room paint shades:

1. Pinks

Pinks are making a significant comeback in living room design to create a light, open atmosphere. There's no denying the tenderness of pink can have a significant effect in your house, from light to dark shades.

Pink may conjure up images of bubble gum and childish hues, but Sherwin-Williams' Romance and Gracious Rose are majestic and regal. It goes well with ivory accents, as well as metallic or dark wood furniture.

Consider a darker tint if the idea of a pink space is too much for you. Dusty Mauve by Benjamin Moore is a classy mauve that is toned down from lighter pinks.

2. Super Blacks for Accent Wall

Both homeowners and designers are using darker colors. For example, home designs with charcoal-colored ceilings are high in trend. According to Benjamin Moore, Blue Danube will be a popular living room paint color in 2021, and we expect to see several accent walls in dark blue colors.

Darker colours blend well with creams and yellows for a warmer vibe and greys and whites for a colder effect, just like our traditional neutral colors.

Homeowners are growing more adventurous when it comes to living room paint colors. While a black, dark wall would have been impossible a few years ago, the advent of new trends like industrial design allows people to be more imaginative.

Blacks, dark blues, and greens can be excellent accent wall colors for a modern living room.

3. Soothing Blues

Maybe it's because it's the same hue as the sky and the sea: Blue tones are considered to evoke clarity, purity, and heightened intuition in color therapy. Whether utilized in a deep navy for a sense of drama or a soft robin's egg in a more modest setting, the color is instantly calming and welcoming in the house.

The hues like Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue and Sherwin Williams Great Falls create a statement while conveying a sense of relaxed elegance. A relaxing shade of blue may transport you to another world in an instant. It's as if you're flying; which, in today's world, we require to feel at ease.

4. Modern Whites

White is a versatile color that goes with a variety of furnishings and design aesthetics. You won't have to worry about changing the wall paint if your interior design tastes change over time.

White is a very welcoming hue that may be made warmer by using yellow lighting. When paired with white lighting and monochrome furnishings, you may create a more regulated living room color design.

5. Nature Green

A little green may go a long way in a living room, especially today that we spend so much time indoors.

Besides, green walls in your home are always a wonderful choice. The gesture to nature will create a serene ambience regardless of how busy the space is. So incorporating the color into a well-used living room works just as well as a spa-style bathroom.

Green paint ideas are also supposed to stimulate creativity and spontaneity, so they're perfect for your living room.

Final Word

When putting in your precious resources of time and money, it is highly recommended to trust experts. We at MetrowestCorporationMA provide the best interior & exterior painting services who can make your home shine with beauty. Talk to our experts for any further queries or painting services related doubts. Our services are available in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hampshire

Professional-grade paint materials and techniques will not only save you time and energy, but they will also assure you that your paint will last for a long time.

Contact us now to get your living room an appealing voice.

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