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Home Office Painting Ideas for Better Productivity

The post-pandemic remote work culture has affected the productivity and performance of the employees. Many people find their home environment less conducive and find it stressful to work in dull surroundings.

Well, the truth is, particular paint colours and aesthetics can boost your mood and eventually your productivity. This is the reason that companies invest handsomely into the decor and paints for their offices.

In this article, we have shared some inspirations to design a perfect home office space.

Choose the space with no distraction.

People mostly turn their library, empty room or sometimes even a basement area into a home office.

Don’t worry if there is not enough free space in your home. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform an unused corner of a bedroom or large closet into an adequate personalized space.

If you have a large room, you can use a privacy divider or curtain to have a private space without distractions.

Make sure that your office space has less footfall and you can focus on your work without any disruptions.

Make comfort your priority.

While working, a comfortable sitting is a must. That is because wrong sitting postures can cause various health issues like back pain etc.

Therefore, use furniture like an ergonomic office chair that offers proper support to your back.

Also, choose an ergonomic desk that is adjustable and allows you to sit comfortably for long hours.

Soothing paint colours

Once you have selected space and decided on furniture and other supplies, choose a calming colour for your home office.

The research states that using green helps you concentrate and be productive simultaneously.

Opt for Behr Forest Path for a cosy and calming feel. Pair it with light hues of pink in curtains and thin rugs. It will instantly lift the aura of the space.

Yellow tints are also high in trend and are said to stimulate creativity. If your work has to do with arts or design, you can opt for neutral tones of yellow.

Neutral shades are not too bold, but they create perfect backdrops for shelving, pictures and pinboards.

If still unsure about a perfect shade, try white; you can never go wrong with it!

Turn the wall into a dry erase board.

Yes, that’s correct. There are dry erase paints with a luxurious glossy finish available in the market, suitable for office walls. They offer you an erasable space to jot down your ideas, to-do lists and appointments straightway on the wall.

Besides, you can apply them over any wall paint.

Accent Walls

Now when you have your office in your home, you can style it as you wish. The advantage of doing so is that you can create a feel that keeps you motivated.

For this, you can create wainscoting and an accent wall of your colour choice. Get one of those pleasant shades of pink or blue or banana yellow for a brighter appearance.

Also, ensure that the lighting in your office space is visually comfortable and functional at the same time.

Lustre-the decider

Finally, the magic of lustre is the ultimate touch for the entire decor. If the paint is too shiny, it will reflect too much light, or if it’s too flat, it may give a dull appearance.

Hence, the matte finish works very well in office spaces as it lessens the glare and creates a soft look.

Alternatively, an eggshell finish is also a great option that gives a smooth, elegant finish. It also tends to be resistant to stains. Another benefit is, it is more durable than a matte or flat finish.

Final verdict

When it comes to an office space in your home, creating a personalized space doesn’t have to be boring. Use your favourite artwork or paintings, mix and match counter backdrops and furniture.

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You can also customize your paint color depending on the size of your home office and let our professionals handle your workload.

And for more assistance, you can always consult our experts. They will help you create a space that you’ll love to work within.

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Happy cleaning! Create your happy space and Stay productive!

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