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How does painting your home exterior add value?

Home is a lifetime investment and can give great returns provided you maintain it well. One of the most crucial factors in maintaining a house is its paint job. If you plan to sell the house soon, the first thing potential buyers would notice is its appearance from the outside. Hence, the external paint needs to be intact and beautiful. You must invest in quality exterior house painting services from professional painters. The cost of exterior painting is way less than the profit you can make while selling the house.

Find out how home exterior painting can add value to your property.

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Why is exterior wall painting the most popular solution?

Whenever a house is on sale, the real estate broker would advise you to fix the house exterior. This is because it creates the first impression among the buyers. Many real estate experts claim that the resale value of a house can go up by 2-5% if painted recently. Together with an estimated return on investment of 51%, the house can fetch great value after getting painted by professionals.

How does a painting service add value to your property?

Let us see the different ways in which painting services add more value to the property:

  • Improved curb appeal

As we mentioned earlier, getting the property painted professionally adds to the appeal and overall aesthetics of the property. When the curb appeal is such that passers-by want to check out the property, you have better chances of finding a buyer. The property would look a lot more appealing when it gets freshly painted. It would attract more buyers and also, entice residents to enjoy their moments while they can till the sales.

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  • More frequent buyers

The real estate market is competitive. Buyers want to check every minor detail to ensure their money gets invested in the right places. When the property looks new, they will be interested. This gives you an edge over other sellers as the demand is high. You can quote a price accordingly. Moreover, when you get frequent buyers knocking at the door, it would also spread the word and fetch more interested people.

  • Protects the property

Exterior paint is the primary protection for the property against external elements. It ensures your property looks and feels great. At the same time, it is the key to preventing cracks, chips, or even decay on your property. When the property gets protected against all damaging factors, it renders its usual quality that automatically improves its ROI. Even if your property is old and in great condition, you can get much higher prices and make sure your property fetches a much better return than similar real estate projects in the region.

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  • Identify repairs before the sale

If you are on the verge of closing the deal but suddenly a few cracks or major maintenance issues crop up, you will be liable to lose the deal. But getting exterior house painting not only protects the property in future but also helps you find out the present issues easily. Professional painters will recognize the defects and also repair them before they proceed with the painting project. As a result, your home repairs would get covered too.

  • Perfection from professionals

A professional painting contractor knows their job well and has the equipment and manpower needed for such a project. They can complete the exterior painting perfectly which in turn will fetch better prices. This is very useful as you can show potential buyers proof that the property was professionally painted and accordingly set the price.

A perfect appearance of the outdoor walls is the key to attracting more buyers. Once your home exterior wall is sorted, you are halfway towards cracking the deal and getting the house sold at the best possible price.

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