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How to become a successful commercial painter?

Updated: Mar 14

Commercial painting services have enjoyed high demand for some time now. Clients appreciate a creative and fun approach among painters. Thus, it has opened many opportunities for newcomers in the business. But to be successful and get a steady clientele, you must establish yourself as exceptional. Clients always search for unique talents and if you can offer quality service at the best rates, becoming a successful professional painter is not very difficult. We have compiled sound advice from the top professionals in the field to help you build a career you can rejoice in.

There are several career-building blocks to overcome to become a successful professional. Let us give you a tour through these stages and how you can make the most of them.

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The first and foremost step to establishing yourself as a commercial painter is apprenticing at a reputed commercial painting service. You earn first-hand experience at the job site through this stage. You work as an apprentice with experienced painters and assist them. This has an enormous learning curve.

You will learn to recognize materials, prepare surfaces, various painting techniques, and paint types. At the same time, you get many opportunities to network with other painters and build a clientele before you start working independently.


After completing an apprenticeship, you can become a journeyman painter. Such painters hone the skills acquired over the years as apprentices and add expertise to any project. In many ways, the journeyman supervises the work of new apprentices. Their job is to find any imperfections and problems done by the apprentices. They also help mentor the new apprentices and are involved in the administrative segment of the business. Journeyman painters also learn the art of perfecting the painting surface by using a wire brush, sandpaper, and various power equipment.

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Project manager

The project manager is one of the most prestigious titles in commercial painting services. After your years as an apprentice and journeyman painter, you become qualified enough to work as a project manager. They are like the bridge between clients and the painters throughout the project tenure. They discuss the visions regarding the project with clients. Project managers also ensure the job specifications and contracts are clear. They also chalk down the entire timeline of the project. Apart from that, project managers also handle the work division for the entire crew. Project managers are in charge of the bigger picture. They are also liable for any issues with the project regarding quality and finance.

For anyone interested in the management and administrative front of the commercial painting industry, the role of a project manager is quite lucrative to them.

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Building your versatility

One of the most important traits clients seek is the versatility of the painter. You may specialize in certain types of projects but must have the versatility to handle anything outside your comfort zone. There are many other job roles in the commercial painting industry. Moreover, the industry relies heavily on other relevant segments like interior design. A successful commercial painter can easily work with other relevant industries to build a coherent space. Thus, you need experience, knowledge, and creativity to understand the color scheme, and the purpose of the project, place bids, review quality and even work as an estimator for the project.

Moreover, if you can handle both commercial and residential projects- exterior and interior painting services, that is a bonus.

Gaining experience and testimony

To become an independent and successful professional commercial painter, you need experience. But more than that, you must have good reviews and testimonies from clients who vouch for your work. These things ensure you always have a steady clientele. Also, you must be able to hone your skills well. You should always be ready to explore new techniques and methods to improve your craft. Once you build a reputation through your work, getting steady business becomes easy enough.

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