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How to choose the right colors for a commercial building?

More than anything, visual appeal is the most significant to any person. Especially for businesses, it is prudent to enhance the visual appeal of everything associated with them. This includes the color scheme of commercial property as well. The outlook and overall demeanor can create the first impression a client has. Thus, choosing the right color palette is elemental for such a project. With the help of commercial painters, you can always choose wisely. But it is essential to have your preferred colors visioned ahead of time. This way, you can get a concrete vision to present to the commercial painter to take the project forward.

Here are some tips and tricks for selecting the right color palette. We have also shared some tried and tested hues that never fail. Read on to find out.

Tips to choose the right colors

Firstly, let us decipher the different factors to consider when selecting the colors for a commercial building.

Consider the building size

Generally, commercial buildings are much larger than their residential counterparts. As a result, they have an imposing demeanor in the area. Thus, the color palette should get chosen, keeping in mind the purpose of the building. Usually, it is wise to go with neutral colors. For a large building, dominance is exuded by a neutral color palette too. But does not hurt the eye. On the other hand, a very eccentric color palette may not appeal universally.

Type of business

Often the type of business rules the color palette choice you make. As people associate colors with specific feelings and emotions, your color palette must get in sync with your business genre. For example, a game zone attracts the younger generation. They get drawn more to brighter colors. Similarly, restaurants, bakeries, and similar businesses are associated with a specific color palette. It is much different from a lawyer's office or an apparel store.


The design of the building also influences the choice of your color palette. This is because the architecture affects the light and shade of the building. Thus, some colors are enhanced by designs while others get diminished. Also, the location of the building often affects the color scheme. Commercial painting services in Massachusetts & Connecticut usually deliberate on the local government constraints regarding the color palette.

Surrounding ambiance

Your choice of color may look perfect individually but not with the surrounding. This is why it is essential to consider the surroundings when you choose a color scheme. The idea is to create a soothing and welcoming ambiance which is possible only when your building blends with the environment. Consider the surrounding buildings and their color scheme too. If you stand out, it may not always have a favorable outcome.

Some popular colors for commercial buildings

Here are some popular colors which are considered ideal for commercial buildings:

Earth and neutral shades

Shades of beiges, grey, white, and brown are the most common choice for commercial buildings. They are universally appealing, safe, and have an authoritative aura.

Warm tones

Correctly using shades of red and orange when correctly give a very soothing yet bold look to the building. They are also colors that are associated with leadership, power, energy, and dynamics. This is why they can portray a very domineering and confident feature of the business.

Cool tones

Shades of blue, white, and grey belong to the cooler hue family. Even pink and lavender are considered a good choice for commercial places specifically as they exude maturity and idealism.

Wrap Up!!

Choosing the colors for a commercial building requires deliberation and understanding of color psychology. Once you have a vision, you can always make it more concrete with the help of commercial painters in your locality. Contact Metrowest corporation for your interior and exterior painting services in MA, CT & NH

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