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How to create a statement wall with paint: Ideas and inspiration

The business principles dictate the choice of paint and overall wall décor and design in a commercial space. The logo and colors associated with the business get used to maintaining the overall aesthetics of the office. From textured wall paint to statement walls- there are various things to do that can make your office aesthetics stand out in the crowd. Businesses must create an office space that looks appealing and impresses visitors. Here are a few tips and suggestions on a commercial interior painting that can make your property the most appealing place in town. With a hint of paint, you can accentuate the overall look of the entire space!!!

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Contrasting accent walls

Accent walls can create the perfect amount of drama and dominance for a business. Discuss with the commercial painters regarding the placement of accent walls. It also draws the attention away from any imperfection in the room. The key to creating a statement accent wall is contrasting colors. Refer to the color wheel to find the most impactful paint shade. This would help find a suitable color for the accent wall. Generally, deeper colors get used to create such statement walls. But note that the color should get chosen tastefully. The painting contractor can guide you best regarding trending accent wall colors in the present times.

Textured painting for statement walls

Another trendy way to create a statement wall is using textured painting. Such statement walls are gaining popularity because they have a dominating presence. Usually, two or more colors create a pattern or texture on the wall. Specialized and skilled painters can do this perfectly. You must select the texture painting based on the color of the other walls in the room. For example, if the other walls are cream or grey, the texture paint should have a touch of this hue to complement the other walls. A well-done statement wall is the key to making your office look inviting and professional. Hence, it is crucial to select the right shades for the project.

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Choosing the right colors

A statement wall can make or break the overall look of your office. The key is to choose the colors carefully so they complement the existing color scheme. At the same time, they should stand out for their uniqueness. Research on the color trends in the present time. these days colors like Prussian blue, bottle green, and shades of brown and rust are gaining popularity for statement walls. Metallic colors are also in trend. Especially metallic textured statement walls are among the most popular choice for office as well as private homes. Here are a few tips to choose the right colors for the statement wall:

  • First, determine what type of statement wall you want. It can be a textured wall or a solid color or have geometric patterns.

  • Consider the colors of the rest of the walls and then determine the right color for the statement wall.

  • Choose a color that resonates with the business theme so that it complements your logo and business website.

  • Research the different types of statement walls that are trendy these days to get inspiration for your project.

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Pay attention to the business purpose and theme

The business purpose and theme should be considered while choosing the color scheme for the statement wall. The business genre, website design, and basic color scheme should be taken into consideration. The theme of the business influences the overall design and interior of the office. Professional painters can help you make the right choice regarding the color scheme of the office. The statement wall can make your office space look more sophisticated and elegant. The business purpose and theme must get considered when the statement wall color gets determined.

The business reputation depends on various factors including office maintenance and aesthetics. When you have a strong and appealing presence, it can do wonders in finding the best clients. The above-mentioned tips are the key to creating such an office space with the help of professional commercial painters.

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