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Are you thinking about renovating your home?

But do you also have a pet?

If yes, then are you prepared for the consequences?

Renovating a home is not just a hectic task for you, but it can be even more chaotic for your pets. Starting from removing the nails from walls, tearing the walls, and lifting your carpets, you will also need to hire professional interior painters who will be there at your home all day long. In this entire chaotic situation, the last yet foremost thing that one needs to worry about is to keep your pet safe and free from any stress. It is especially concerning the startled, young, and playful pets that can quickly start barking and get into such things that they should not. They can even try to run out of the door out of anxiety. Hence, one must prepare oneself before remodeling the house and protect their pets from facing any difficulty.

Well, let me help you with it.

Before that, let us go through some such hazardous circumstances that can be potentially dangerous for your pets:

  • Moving heavy stuff- It is likely to shift the heavy items such as furniture, wooden blocks, etc., by the contractors while renovating your house. However, the combination of heavy objects and anxious pets is sometimes quite terrible. Considering which, the owner needs to ensure placing their pets in a protected site. It is to help them stay away from any risky situations.

  • Noise & foot traffic- Your pets may get distracted from increased foot traffic and noise of constant opening and closing doors, walking inside and outside the home, etc. They may also get loose from the loud sound of power tools used by the contractors leading to numerous unfavourable events like distressing the pets who are too old, young, or anxious. The tiny little pets may also get trampled in case of excessive foot traffic. Different pets respond differently to terror. Few may become defensive and potentially bite, bark, scratch the workers. However, some may become so anxious, leading to cause an accident inside the home.

  • Presence of toxic substance- Some materials are potentially harmful to the well-being of your pets while remodelling the house. It involves nails, adhesives, paints, and other cleaning substances. These are indisputably poisonous for the pets, and they may chock themselves for being tempted to lick it out of curiosity.

One may consider the below-delineated advice to alleviate the stress of your pets:

1. Create a containment zone for your pets- It is to provide a protected spot to your pets amid all the chaos.

  1. Offer them an isolated room that is away from the worksite and all sorts of sound.

  2. Load the space with crates, beddings, their familiar toys, and treats, etc. It will help them feel content and comfortable.

  3. Keep your television on to fill the area with recognizable sounds as several pets take pleasure in watching cartoon channels or hear animal's voices, etc.

2. Distract your pets- Even though television is a vital option to distract your pets, there are many other options for distracting your pets healthily. It involves playing different games with them instead of just locking them inside a room. One should consider staying with the pets and offer them a belly rub. You may even work on some innovative tricks to help them keep calm. Spending some quality time with your pets will not only help them relax but will also keep you away from all the havoc.

Supervise your pets- It is to keep an eye on your pets while they are roaming in and around the worksite. You should offer constant bathroom breaks and walks to the pets. Sticking to the routine and maintaining their regular schedule will help them feel comfy like any other usual day. MetrowestCorporationMA- your ultimate painting service partner MetrowestCorporationMA is one of the leading commercial cleaning and property maintenance service provider companies in Massachusetts & Connecticut. We offer eco-friendly safe paint alternatives for pet safety and other people with respiratory problems. Connect with now to book your free quotation for interior & exterior painting services at home or office.

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