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How to select a colour scheme for your industrial or commercial property?

With the rise in inflation, the cost of machinery, equipment and industrial properties are mounting recklessly. It calls for the great attention of business owners and managers to maintain their industrial properties.

One of the ideal ways is to avail of industrial painting services.

Let us first understand the need for industrial painting.

  1. It prevents corrosion- Machinery and equipment are often prone to corrode. It may lead to their breakdown. Paints protect against harsh conditions that may lead to corrosions.

  2. It ensures safety- If there are lots of oil or lubricant spills, specialized coatings make the surfaces or the floors non-sticky and prevent slipping. Besides, fire-retardant paints keep an industrial property fire-proof by reducing flammability. They prevent the fire from spreading.

  3. It provides durability- Using various painting techniques like electrostatic painting ensures durability to the valued equipment and property.

  4. It promotes brand- Admit it or not, the appearance of your commercial property speaks a lot about your professionalism and brand.

Now, when you decide on getting your commercial or industrial property a fresh coat, here are some tips for selecting a colour scheme for your business.

Understand the needs of your warehouse or commercial property

The first and foremost consideration while selecting paint is understanding the needs of your property. Whether you are investing in non-sticky floors, heat resistance, wear resistance or fire resistance, think about the purpose of paint.

Consult with industrial painting professionals regarding your needs and get the best quote from them. You don’t want to waste your resources, therefore hire the best commercial painting contractors in the town.

Never compromise on quality.

Industrial painting projects are not an everyday grind or a cheap task. It takes lots of effort, time and money.

Getting your warehouse or a commercial property a new coat is an investment and will add value to your business. Therefore, you cannot take chances with low-quality cheap paints. Or you will end up spending more.

There are a lot of ongoing tasks in a commercial facility. It needs strength and resistance against harsh chemicals, elements and other wear and tear. Quality paint prevents the buildings from erosion and corrosion by creating a protective layer on the surfaces.

Hence, make sure that the paints your contractors are using are of high quality and solve your purpose.

Keep productivity in mind.

There is a colour psychology used to induce a positive environment within the facilities. Experts say that such colours instill emotions among the workers and enhance their productivity.

Following colours influence people positively, thus they are preferred by most of the professionals for industrial coatings:

Green- The colour of nature eliminates stress and fosters tranquillity among the workers. There are a variety of tones available in green you can select.

Blue- The colour of the ocean and sky is also effective in keeping people productive and creating a welcoming environment. Light shades of blue encourage a peaceful aura and keep people in a good mood. On the other hand, navy blue tint gives a neat and professional appearance.

Red- As a vibrant colour, red colour stimulates activity. You can use it to create an accent wall for better attention and stimulation instead of painting the whole building red. It is always better to choose a lighter tone of red for a commercial facility.


In the present scenarios of stiff competition among business, a brand gives you recognition. It helps you stand out from the crowd. Incorporating the colour of your brand and logo for the interiors of your business facility will help your workers associate with your brand value.


Painting adds value to your business in many ways by ensuring protection, durability and resistance against harsh elements. Therefore, never get complacent when it comes to your brand image.

Adding just one color to your industrial property can make a big difference. From creating a powerful first impression on your customers to your enhancing your employee’s output everything can be highly affected by correct choice and application of colors.

If you are a property or business owner who wants any painting advice, MetrowestCorporationMA is here at your service. Connect with us now to get your business upgraded with our painting services. Consult with professionals and get your facility upgraded without any delay.

Let us take the pride in helping you renovate your industrial area from end to end.

Consult with professionals and get your facility upgraded without any delay.

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