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Keep your office paint up to date with these easy tips.

The appearance of an office speaks a lot about it, especially the paint of the walls. The moment someone steps into your office, they can sense the optimism and energy that the condition of office walls reflects.

However, it may also concern you how to keep the office walls neat and shiny all the time.

So here are some quick and easy ways to keep your workspace look clean and clear every day:

Right beginning

When it comes to keeping the office walls bright and clear, it starts from selecting the right paint for the office walls.

Although people prefer flat paint, it is advisable to apply the best quality semi-gloss or satin finishes. Since these can be cleaned and washed with almost no effort, such colours should be applied in high traffic areas that get stains and marks very easy.

On the contrary, matte finish suits facilities like boutiques or showrooms. It is because light does not reflect through such surfaces, and it is less likely for the imperfections to be visible on matte finish.

However, always remember that flat finishes are more prone to stains.

Get them to wash every few months.

It is advisable to get the walls washed every few months to remove the dirt and stains. If the walls are not washed, the marks stick to the wall and leave permanent stains. Also, washing is the best alternative to scrubbing the walls that may cause discolouration.

Therefore, it is recommended to ask your janitorial team to use a sponge and warm water. In case the stains are not clearing easy; they can go for mild cleaning solutions.

In case stains are still there, then you might consider repainting the affected area.

Regular cleaning

While talking about maintaining your office’s shine, there is no substitution for regular cleaning. You can ask your janitorial staff to clean the wall-stains as soon as they notice them during the regular cleaning.

For daily cleaning, use a light dusting cloth and remove the dirt first. It is no rocket science; dust off the walls with the help of dust brush attachment, vacuum clean them, wipe with a damp cloth, and they are good to go.

Treat the stubborn stains.

If there are stains that do not come out easy, baking soda is a perfect resolve. Baking Soda works best in removing permanent stains. Apply the paste of baking soda gently on the stained portion, and it will work magic for you. For making the paste, add half a cup of baking soda to a quarter cup of water.

Time to touch up

Getting the touch-ups can be complex, especially when these surfaces are chipped. For this, you can take the help of the janitorial staff or professional painters. They can help you get rid of the imperfections using quality patching material before doing the touch-ups.

Safeguard the walls

Moving and shifting furniture may cause wear and tear to the walls. Therefore, I recommend using door stops and bumpers, rubber buffers and wainscot chair rails to prevent damage to the walls.

Get the walls repainted

Repainting is advisable in two to three years since colours lose their shine over time. A fresh and clean aura is vital to maintain the synergy of the workplace.

Cracks and peeling of the wall paint may not leave good impressions on your potential clients or business partners. Therefore, getting the office walls painted in two to three years is an investment for your business.

You should hire professionals for the painting job. Then, you will not have to spend much in getting the repairs in every while.

Final Words

Bright and clean walls convey the organization and management of the office owners. A well-maintained and clean office adds to the brand value of your business. Not only this, they keep the working environment healthy and hygienic.

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