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Are you looking to update your house?

Do you know one of the most inexpensive ways to do so?

If not yet, then let me guide you on it.

Well, painting the railings of your stairway is one such technique that will instantly amp up your house in the most subtle manner. It is also a reasonable method to upgrade your house and bring an oomph factor in it. It a budget-friendly approach to update your home and renew its life. But, to be honest, it will take some time to prep up for it and paint your stair railings. It is also a step by step procedure, to begin with, and I have accordingly enlisted them below:

First of all, let us discuss on the materials we will need to paint the staircase railing-

  • Few Drop cloths

  • Blue Painter’s Tape – It is mainly to tape off those parts of your floor and/ or walls on which you do not want to get the paint on.

  • TSP Liquid Substitute – It is for cleaning the wood as a way to prime the wall before painting.

  • Paint Sanding Respirator – It is good to wear this mask every time when you are sanding the areas.

  • Black and Decker Mouse Detail Sander – It is a palm sander that works the best on the flat surfaces of the wood.

  • Sandpaper – You will need one 100 grit for 1st sanding and a 220 grit of sandpaper for 2nd sanding. One can also use the regular sandpaper sheets on the curved wooden parts in which the Mouse Sander will not reach.

  • Tack cloth – It is used to clean off any sawdust after sanding.

  • Wooster Shortcut paintbrush – It is a lovely paintbrush with soft rubber handles that makes it even more comfortable to use for hours.

  • Zinsser All prime Oil-Base Sealer and Stain Blocker - It is a high-quality oil primer that covers any stains on the wood and varnish to the best.

  • Benjamin Moore Advance paint – It is a latex paint in Benjamin Moore’s color White. It is a great option if you are looking for an extremely smooth finish. It is also very durable and gradually levels out very nicely.

  • MinWax Polycyclic – It provides a protective finish when applied on the painted stair railing. It protects the painted stair railings from any scuffs.

Once you get all these supplies, you need to follow the instructions stated below-

1. Prep & Prime the railing :

  • Begin with laying the drop cloths to grasp any splashes.

  • Tape the meeting points.

  • Clean the rail.

  • Start with sanding with the 100-grit sandpaper.

  • Wipe using tack cloth followed by the 220-grit sandpaper.

  • Again wipe the surface to take away any sandpaper residues with a tack cloth.

2. Paint the railing :

  • Use the Benjamin Moore Advance paint to paint the railings of your staircase.

  • It gives a very smooth and durable finish.

  • Paint a single coat using the Wooster Shortcut paintbrush and let it dry till the suggested time before you go for another coat and layering it with a protective finish.

You must be wondering from where to start, and is there any specific order to follow?

Then you are correct, and let me assist you with the order one needs to maintain while painting the stairs.

Well, follow a top-down approach and refer to the steps specified below-

  • First, paint the top-most area and sides of the uppermost railing.

  • Then, move towards the bottom of the uppermost railing.

  • Next, start with one side of the spindles by gradually moving towards the other side.

  • Lastly, if there is a bottom rail, then paint it in the end.

Despite being a less labor-intensive task, it needs good prep practices to ensure the paint adherence by avoiding getting onto the nearby surfaces. To make sure that the stair railing paint looks polished and perfect, you surely need some expert advice. For all the good preps that stair railing require, you need assistance from a professional painting service company.

MetrowestCorporationMA offers supreme quality painting service in Massachusetts & Connecticut. For all your painting related requirements to property management requirements, our services are perfect to assist you in the best possible way. Allow us to make your building polished and beautify it with our advanced technologies. Connect with us now and choose from our list of trending colours for your staircase railings.

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