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Popular Paint Colors for Spring Season 2021

There's nothing like the days of spring to get you in the mood. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the air is warmer.

Of all, it's only natural to want to commemorate this season— and the simplest way to do so is by spring-styling your home.

Besides, spring is also a great time to try new things, and you're not alone if you want to do so by adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls.

In today's article, we'll look at the most popular paint colors for spring 2021.

Light turquoise

A light turquoise color has a positive, beachy quality that makes it the perfect accent to any house this spring. It is a color that looks well in the kitchen, living room, or pretty much anywhere else.

It all depends on the theme you're striving for when it comes to decorating with light turquoise walls.

You can't go wrong with beachy decorations and beige furniture in a coastal-themed space. Rich orange accents and textures, on the other hand, are your best pick if you want a more Mediterranean feel!

Gray Blue

While any hue with the term "grey" in its name may not appear to be a springtime color, we believe a lovely grey-blue does. A light and dusty grey-blue are springtime neutral.

It gives just enough color to whichever room it's ut

ilized in—whether it's a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or the entire main house. On the contrary, heavier variants of this color may seem overpowering. It's that adaptable!

To balance out your area and keep it from feeling too blue, add flashes of color like red or yellow.

Soft yellow

looks especially good in locations where you want a bit of brightness and cheeriness. Such as in your kitchen or a breakfast nook or a creative room like a kids' play area.

Your home might appear better with white or medium brown wood furniture, depending on the shade of soft yellow you chose.


This brilliant color is vibrant and energizing, and it will bring a smile to your face wherever you put it. Try coral wallpaper in a compact area like your mudroom, bathroom, home office, or laundry room to make a significant statement.

Sage Green

Breezy green is the epitome of spring. Green is such a flexible shade that it can take on so many different tones. For spring, a gentle, muted sage green is beyond perfection. It has a fresh, organic feel. According to experts, it works well in both masculine and feminine settings.


Pastel hues are one of the most popular and cool ways to liven up your home for the summer. In the spring, using soft, muted pastel colors is a great way to gradually bring color back into your home after the dark winter months end.

A neutral pastel color, such as Sherwin Williams' Breaktime or Alabaster, is ideal for your living room or family room. As a result, you'll be able to have pieces of furniture that tie the area together.


Finally, you can try chartreuse for pops or as an accent wall. For a distinctive splash, chartreuse is the tint that we don't see often. It is ideal for restrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, among other places.

In bigger living rooms, gentler tones of chartreuse are also appropriate. Consider accent items in vibrant red or deep purple to go with this brilliant springtime blend of green and yellow.

Final Words

Whatever hue you choose, we're sure it'll provide plenty of light and color to your room this spring.

Further, our experts can help you choose the best paint colors for your homes or offices.

View the services provided by Metrowest Corporation expert painters to learn how they may help you with your painting project. Our services are based in MA, CT & New Hampshire.

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