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Precautionary steps to be taken while painting commercial properties

Occupational hazard is the by-product of most jobs in today’s world, and commercial painting is no exception. Though it is not as dangerous as other fields like the army or police, still it comes with a significant amount of risk and the people working in this sector need to be cautious.

In addition to the nature of the job, the job setting is also hazardous for the employees as they are employed in a chaotic work environment like construction sites or warehouses.

Thus, the people engaged in this sector must adhere to the safety guidelines imparted to them during their training for the job.

Risk Factors:

The main risk factors in this industry are:

  • Contact with Hazardous Products: Paint, and it's by products are made up of things which can be harmful when inhaled. They may cause headaches and breathing problems in certain people. They may even irritate the skin and eyes. Lead and asbestos are two main products which were extremely harmful to humans. An exposure to high level of lead will cause kidney and brain damage.

  • Physical Exertion to the body: Painting is a process that might require hours of standing, lifting heavy equipment on their feet and do a lot of bending. These activities will exert a lot of strain on the body and might cause acute injuries or chronic problems like back pain.

  • Slips and Falls: The work setting of the painting is usually cluttered and chaotic. There are huge chances of slipping and falling. Most of the paint projects involve multi-storey buildings and high ceilings; falling from these settings would be definitely fatal.

Precautionary Steps to be taken by a Commercial Painter:

  1. Always wear Personal Protection Equipment: The paint consists of ingredients that might pose a threat to the skin, respiratory system, eyes etc. So, it is always advisable to have PPE donned while undertaking the painting job. The workers must wear gloves, pants, headgear, face shields and dust masks. It is highly recommended that eco-friendly paints and paints devoid of harmful ingredients must be used for work.

  2. Always be Cautious and Careful: The employees involved in the painting must be conscientious when working around the electrical setup. They must ensure that there are no open-ended wires. It is ideal to turn off the electricity as a precautionary step. The building to be painted must be inspected thoroughly as a first step. Any damage or danger, if identified, must be repaired before the start of the work.

  3. Make the work setting Clean and Clear: The work area must be kept clean and clear at all times. Unwanted and unnecessary products must be removed from the site as they may hinder the job and pose a threat to the employer. All equipment which will be used to undertake the job must be checked prior to work. The equipment which will run on electricity must be checked to avoid hazards because of any malfunction.

  4. Keep flammable substances away from heat: The flammable paints and products must be kept away from heat or hot surfaces. If the job setting is outdoors, then these products must be kept in the shade away from the scorching sun. If painting is done in interiors, then ensure to keep the windows open.

  5. Be Careful with the ladders: The ladders must be kept steady and should be securely and solidly placed to avoid falls. If any issue is identified in the ladder, it must be replaced soon.

  6. Ensure to have a First aid kit at hand: A painter's job is prone to injuries and accidents. Therefore, a first aid kit should be kept in the near vicinity in case of emergencies.

  7. Avoid body positions that might cause strain to the body, and regular breaks should be taken.

It is recommended that on-site painting workers must stick to these tips because prevention is always better than cure.

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