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Reinvent Your Kids Room with these Trending Colors

Are you looking for ways to recreate the latest and fun environment for your kids?

Look no further; MetrowestCorporationMA Painting company in MA & CT brings you some trendy color ideas to paint your kid's room, transforming it into loving and comfortable surroundings.

Transform your child's bedroom into a personal haven they may call their own and make plenty of memories to cherish forever.

Here are our choicest hues to apply in 2021 for your kid's bedroom:


Purple is known for inspiring thoughtfulness, spirituality and sensitivity.

This specific shade of purple may appear pretty sophisticated when finger paintings and dolls are boxed up, so she (or he) won't want to repaint the space the second they hit junior high. It's a pure light purple with no blue or grey undertones. Periwinkle can be lovely, but if it's too dark, it can appear dirty.

To add contrast, choose brighter and bolder colours, as well as white and silver accents.

Pastel Pink

Pastel pinks are usually soft and serve as an all-time backdrop for bright accents and pops. As a latest and cool trend, you can also create summer stripes with two different tones of pink and complement with green pops of indoor plants, as shown in the image.


A unique tone of white, Benjamin Moore's Vanilla Ice-cream is perfect for giving a feminine yet neutral touch to the kid's bedroom. It represents tranquility and elegance.

Being more subtle, it creates a space that allows the child to change the ambience of the room with their favorite accents and backdrops as their choices evolve.

But make sure that you use bright or bold accents. Otherwise, it can make the atmosphere monotonous.

Ocean Blue

Because it's cheery, gender-neutral, and lends itself to so many fun colour pairings, Benjamin Moore's Crystal Spring with an eggshell finish will work as a great backdrop. This hue will give a more sophisticated look to the kid's bedroom, which they would prefer as they grow.

This tint suits city apartments equally, as it would at the beachside house. You can use white and yellows as color pop to balance the look.


Of course, blue is a common choice for boys' rooms, and it's becoming more fashionable for girls' rooms as well. Consider a darker blue, such as Sherwin Williams' Intense Teal or Navy, instead of a pastel blue or turquoise.

These bright blues have a clean, classic aesthetic that contrasts beautifully with bold tones and neutrals. Another benefit: smudged fingerprints will never be visible on the walls!

Besides, it is advisable not to overwhelm the room with dark tones, rather use them for accent walls to maintain the balance.


Any room will feel more lively and sunny with the addition of yellow. According to certain research, youngsters who work or learn in yellow rooms have higher concentration and memory recall.

When coupled with grey, blue, or green, yellow works beautifully as an accent hue. This balance allows the positive parts of yellow to show through without irritating or angering the youngster, as can happen when there is too much yellow.

However, a child with high energy levels will find it difficult to cope with the room that exudes too much of a daytime vibe.

Tea Green

Green is a relaxing colour that evokes the freshness of nature and outdoor activities. Many institutions, particularly middle and high schools, prefer to utilize green in their classrooms because research suggests that it can improve reading skills and comprehension.

Green could be a fantastic choice if your child will be doing the majority of their homework in their room.

Nonetheless, like cool hues, the darker tones make the room gloomy. So, go for a tea or mint green for soothing vibes.

When it comes to making your child feel special, don't settle for less. Call our experts who can create a space your child will love!!

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