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Spring Painting Trends: From Ombre to Murals and Beyond

Choosing a painting style for your home gets tricky. These days, there are so many different options to choose from. You will come across various trending paint styles for every project. Many such styles may come and go out of trend but the key is to choose something timeless and likely to prevail for years.

When we talk about painting trends in spring 2023, we often imagine it with a bright pop of color to one of the walls that can oomph the overall look of the place. When getting a paint job done during spring, try to adhere to the colors that resonate with the season.

Are you also looking for some quirky ideas to welcome the spring season? We have a few ideas that would be appealing and can make your home or office look trendy.

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Ombre wallpapers and painting

One of the latest trends is ombre walls. The gradient of colors is created through hand painting or with wallpapers. It adds more depth and dimension to the overall appearance of the wall. It is one of the most trending wall painting techniques. The technique has largely evolved these days. It is one of the best ways to refresh your walls during the spring. Warm pastel shades are the most popular choice to create such an ombre. Other than that, a more cost-effective solution is opting for wallpapers. There are a variety of ombre wallpapers available these days. Wallpapers are durable and beautiful, yet they are affordable. A professional painter with experience can help to apply such wallpapers perfectly.

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Another very unique yet trendy way to decorate the wall is murals. These are sculptures created directly on the wall. They stand out as a relief against the wall. Specialized painting contractors who are working with artists can provide such a service. Murals are suitable for large homes as well as commercial spaces. They create a statement and dominate the room. However, they are extravagant property modifications and permanent approaches. Hence, deliberate on your decision before opting for the murals. There are also murals that can be lifted off the wall. They are a comparatively temporary solution. If you have a rented office and wish to have murals for the wall, temporary murals are the best choice.

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Choosing colors for ombre

Generally, an ombre gets created with colors from the same family. Note that the color scheme should complement the other aspects of your office or home. Ombre walls make a statement. Often, they get created as an accent wall in a room. Warmer ombres are a trending choice during the spring. Shades of orange, yellow, red, and brown are used primarily when you wish to create a warm ambiance. Blues and greens are cooler. For commercial space, keep in mind the business color theme while determining the shades for the ombre.

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Color or wallpaper?

A common dilemma arises regarding choosing between colors and wallpaper. Both come with certain advantages and drawbacks. For starters, coloring the wall is a more permanent solution. It also looks better and you have a wide selection of satin, matte, or glossy finish. On the other hand, you will need ample variety in paints to create an ombre wall. Also, a professional painter who specializes in the trend is essential. As a result, the cost is much higher than a regular painting job. Wallpapers are much cheaper and easy to install. But they do not have the beauty of hand-painted ombre walls. Furthermore, wallpapers are not as long-lasting as the paint job. Eventually, you have to change them. They also tend to bloat and chip over the years. However, if you are looking for temporary solutions, the wallpaper is a better choice.

Final Words

We, at Metrowest Corporation have years of experience in offering the best painting service to residential as well as commercial buildings. Our Interior painting professionals are aware of the latest spring season trends.

It is crucial to choose a painting contractor who understands the latest trends well. From ombre walls to murals and the latest wallpapers- they can help you with all. Spring is the perfect time to give a facelift to your property. With the latest trends, you can easily ensure your property looks unique and catches the attention of visitors easily.

Contact Metrowest Corporation for the best interior and exterior painting services. Our services are based in Massachusetts & Connecticut.

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