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Springtime painting for kids: Fun and easy projects to brighten up their rooms

The kids’ room is always different from the rest of the house. It should exude the spirit of childhood and feel more welcoming to them.

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The kids' room should always have an upbeat and fun vibe.

Hence a more playful approach is the best way to design a child's room. Your house professional commercial painter can help with various ideas. But when you have a vision, it gets easier for them to decide what would appeal to the child most. As you know your kid best, you can always help to personalize the room for them. Here we have a few tried and tested ways in which you can brighten their space and make it more appealing to them.

Wall art and stickers

Undisputedly, wall art and stickers are the first things that come to our minds while designing a kid's room. Wall paintings and different arty stickers and decals help to create a more entertaining space. Discuss with the professional painter the different styles of the kid's room. Go through their portfolio for inspiration. Also, consider the things that appeal to your kid. Take ideas from children’s stories, toys, and cartoons. More than anything, understand the elements which your kids love.

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Children's themes and motifs

Fairy tale motifs, popular child fiction, movies, and TV shows are great inspirations for a child's room design and painting. Some popular themes include Harry Potter, Disney fairy tales, motifs from nature, and so on. You can create an accent wall painting based on these ideas. Or else, the entire décor can revolve around a central idea from popular children's movies or books. For example, a wall design with quotes from their favorite storybook is a great place to start. Professional painters can draw their favorite cartoons on the wall.

Play around with their favorite colors

If you want a simpler but fun approach, consider the kid’s favorite colors. Use different shades of their favorite colors to paint the walls. You can even create Ombre walls based on their favorite colors. Do note a child's favorite color tends to keep changing. This idea would work best if your kid is focused and does not change their mind too often. Another great approach would be creating a statement wall using their favorite color. You can also opt for texture paint that is based on your favorite color.

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Avoid white walls

Kids are messy by nature. The last thing you want is a stain on your beautiful walls. It is best to use easy-clean paints for children's rooms. Avoid white or light colors altogether. Use brighter shades like yellow, orange, blue, or green for a kid's room. You can even use dark accent walls. But white is best avoided as it gets dirty very easily. Another thing to note is grey or beige walls. These colors are beautiful and sophisticated. But there are more suitable for a mature person’s room. Even if the rest of the house feature such neutral shades, keep the color scheme of your child’s room bright.

Consider the child’s age and personality

Every child has a unique personality that evolves with age. Needless to say, their taste would change accordingly. Hence, note your kid’s age when you plan their room design and painting. While a toddler may appreciate bright colors and paintings of cartoons a teenager would have a sober taste.

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Include them in the decision making

Last but not least, take your child's opinion while planning the painting for their rooms. Keep your budget in mind while taking notes of their likes and dislikes. Discuss with the painting contractor about these ideas. They can give you the best estimate regarding the feasibility of the designs and motifs within your budget.

Springtime is the perfect season to rejuvenate yourself. This includes giving a facelift to your living space too. Especially for the children, you must have a playful approach to designing their home.

Try out the bold colors with a few neutral color spots to balance the vibe of the room. The above-mentioned are a few ideas for creating the perfect ambiance for the child. Make your child love being indoors when you create the perfect fun space for them. Contact Metrowest Corporation for the best interior and exterior painting services. Our services are based in Massachusetts & Connecticut.

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