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Take a break from the heat and decorate your home with these fabulous colors this summer.

When the days get longer and noons get brighter, summer is the best time to reinvent your homes with the hues that stay longer with you.

Summers can be intolerably hot and humid, but bringing summer décor into your home can be an easy and economical way to combat the heat. The idea is to use colors, fabrics, and textures that are inspired by nature to either make you feel colder or embrace the sun's vibrancy.

Interior Painting

Our go-to colors for the summer of 2021 are these bright colors and relaxing tones:

1. Turquoise Blue

Turquoise blue evokes happiness and serenity, the two essential qualities in a post-pandemic environment.

This color evokes the tranquility of the sea, creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere giving us coastal vibes. The color is bright and cheerful, making it suitable as a cool summer hue.

Turquoise blue also inspires creativity in the house. As a result, you can utilize it in places where you need motivation and inspiration. Turquoise is usually paired with a white color scheme. As a result, white furniture items can be used to adorn the space.

2. Nature Brown

While earthy tones are expected to be popular in 2021, brown will be the color that holds sway.

Greys have dominated the design world for the past decade, but warmer colors are making a comeback. To give areas a gentle, homier light, employ mellow browns and beige tones for wall colors and furnishings.

A splash of brown is a breath of fresh air our rooms require after years of the same black and white color palette.

3. Emerald Green

While brighter tones of paint are more commonly associated with the summer season, you can also experiment with darker hues such as emerald green. The green color evokes a sense of naturalness and tranquillity, transforming your space into a tranquil retreat.

Green is also closely linked to nature, allowing you to enjoy a slice of tranquility right in your own backyard. Emerald green creates a light and airy atmosphere that will help you beat the heat of the season.

You can use golden and beige design components to embellish an emerald green room. Golden highlights the emerald green's royal quality, while Beige softens the hue.

4. Saffron

Even if your travel plans have been postponed, you can still flaunt your bon vivant status. Bold hues like saffron can help you create a sense of adventure in your house.

Saffron's regal hue is an unexpected splash of color that goes with practically anything. Moody charcoal, deep reds, or a crisp turquoise will be used as settings or accents to the classy saffron hue in 2021. Getting comfortable on a plush velvet sofa or painting a whole room in saffron will instantly take you to another world.

5. A light tone of Beige

Long walks on the beach will come to mind when you see this tint of Beige. An ultra-light shade of Beige will add just the proper amount of contrast to the space's crisp, bright interiors while also adding warmth.

For a summer vibe, don't forget to include bright colors in your wall art and throw pillows. One of the best things about this color is that it is regarded as a trustworthy shade that can be applied to any surface in any room (from the bedroom and hallway to the living room and kitchen).

Final Verdict

When paired with the right settings and upholstery, these tints are sure to lift up your space.

Bring flowers and welcome nature into your homes to create your favorite outdoor spaces. Use this as a starting point for finding your ideal floral shade. Pinks, lavender tints, and a variety of greens ranging from sage to bright grassy tones are also good choices.

Why risk your time and money when our team of experts can help you choose the choicest tints for your home? Call MetrowestCorporationMA today for an appointment! Our Interior services & Exterior Painting Services are based in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Hampshire.

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