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The benefits of eco-friendly paints: Why you should make the switch

As consumers become more aware, there is a rapid shift towards an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. The same gets noticed regarding home development, painting, and design. Sustainable and eco-friendly paints are becoming more popular by the day for all kinds of painting projects. Remember the paint fumes and smell that lingered days after the project gets done? Do away with that and enjoy a healthier life inside the property with such eco-friendly paints. They are safe and do not exude such fumes. It is a healthier alternative for the property owners and the environment.

Read on to learn all about switching to eco-friendly paints and its benefits.

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Safer for the environment

The eco-friendly paints get formulated such that it has significantly fewer environmental effects. It is free from harsh chemicals that contribute to global warming and affect the health of those living in the house. The eco-friendly paints are also safer for painting contractors and do not cause any health adversities due to spills. It also does not exude poisonous fumes and is hence more suitable for those with respiratory problems.

Free from harmful chemicals

Traditional paints have a variety of chemicals that are harsh on the environment. They also cause health complications in the long run. Spills are also hazardous. The eco-friendly paints are free of all such chemicals. They are formulated using natural dyes and do not contain any VOC chemicals at all. This is a crucial factor to consider especially while designing a nursery or a kid's room. Keep such chemicals at bay by choosing eco-friendly paints. Your child can lead a healthier life and grow in a better ambiance.

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Say no to odor

The smell of paint lingers for days after the project gets completed. The fumes are harmful and toxic, especially for those with respiratory problems. With eco-friendly paints, you can avoid this issue altogether. These paints do not have any odor. As a result, the property would look freshly painted. At the same time, there would not be any stench, validating the fact. Whether it is a commercial space or your home, the odor-free paints prevent unease for days after the project gets completed.

Vegan alternative

These days, many consumers look for a vegan solution to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle. They seek such alternatives for everything ranging from food to their daily use items. Why should paint be an exception in such cases? The eco-friendly paints get made from natural and plant-based dyes. They do not have any animal-derived ingredients or tested on animals. Hence, it is a suitable option for those wishing to lead a vegan lifestyle.

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Improved cost-effective formulation

Many believe that eco-friendly paints are expensive. While the initial expense is comparatively higher than traditional paints, they are more cost-effective in the long run. Eco-friendly paints last for years and have a superior formulation compared to regular and traditional products. As a result, they would retain their initial luster and beauty for years to come. They also provide optimum protection to your walls. In the long run, the paint last much longer. You would not require frequent re-painting.

Low VOC content

Last, but not the least, eco-friendly paints are free from VOCs. Do not get misled by products claiming to have "lower VOCs"- it is not the same as eco-friendly paints. These paints are free from chemicals like acetone, formaldehyde, benzene, and so on. The VOC contributes largely to respiratory problems as well as triggers risks of cancer. In general, they cause fatigue, nausea, headaches, and even skin problems.

Eco-friendly paints are slowly but steadily taking over the painting industry. It is the new-normal paint for the future. They are not only good for the environment but also high-quality solutions for your home. The above-mentioned are a few benefits you can enjoy by choosing to switch to eco-friendly paints for your next project.

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