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Guests bring moments of joy, happiness and laughter to your home. No house is complete without a beautiful space for visiting friends and family.

As a good host, you want to make sure that their stay is a comfortable and pleasant one.

Would you like to know what shades can make your home more warm and welcoming?

Well, let’s find out some beautiful hues that will inspire the feel of your guest rooms:

Clare Lemonade

When it comes to decorating the guest room, you may want it to be serene and tranquil. Then choose the colours that are universal and create a soothing effect.

Yellows are known for their mood-boosting and joy spreading quality. Clare’s Lemonade, bright yet muted will keep your guests joyful and happy by adding warmth.

Alternatively, you can also go for some other neutral shades of yellow with warm or cool undertones according to what your space needs. These colours are versatile and make your space look welcoming.

Softer tones of yellow with classic white trims will give a traditional look to your guest room. Accent it with green upholstery and place some artwork on the bedsides that create a restful space.

Serene Breeze by Benjamin Moore

Greens are always considered to give a cool and calming effect to your eyes. Since it is the colour of nature, it can be a good choice for a guest room. There is a range of green shades available you can experiment with.

Benjamin Moore’s Serene Breeze has just the right amount of pigment that creates a sense of freshness. Not too overpowering, it is hinted at with blue that makes it look light and breezy.

For lighter tones, you can also opt sage green; fashion the room with a statement ceiling for uniqueness.

Ella Rose by Magnolia

Although pink is looked at as a feminine colour, it can give a cool modern look to your guest room while keeping it lively.

If you don’t like to use bright white, a softer tone of pink is well-suited to your desire. It appears white with a hint of pink in large spaces. It’s a versatile colour and can be played well in different colours and styles.

Pair Magnolia Ella Rose with charcoal greys and deeper tones of purple and create a classic modern look.

In case you neither want it bright nor neutral, then try a tan-hued pink.

Dimpse by Farrow & Ball

Greys are perfect neutrals that can make room for more colour pops. Looks like white, it makes space airy and large and is the best substitute for bright white.

It is excellent for lending the soft and tranquil feel of the room while enhancing the calming effect of the room.

Dimpse is an ultra pale grey tone. It is versatile and pairs well with green, blue, white and even pink.

Lulworth Blue by Farrow & Ball

The blue colour is the perfect fit to make the environment relaxing. Blues are best known for their calming effect that helps you to get better sleep.

Softer tones of soothing blue make your guest feel relaxed and refreshed. Enriched with versatility, ice blue shade by Farrow & Ball adds grace and elegance to the guest room. Pair it with white linen bedding and contrast it with wooden flooring to brighten up space.

For elegant decor, you can also choose windy blue with rich grey undertones. Perfect for a beach-themed guest room, it accentuates the contemporary style of the room.

As an alternative, for a minimalist yet modern look, try cool tones of sea blue for an excellent tint.

So, we hope these interior painting ideas would definitely help you in revamping your gust room appearance. Got any more doubts regarding painting ideas or anything related? Worry not. Connect with our experts anytime @……..… and make your guest room blush with these versatile painting ideas.

Final Words

Before choosing any colour, imagine what kind of feel you want to create.

While cool and light shades like sea blue and soft yellow evoke the feeling of restfulness and tranquillity, warm and neutral shades like soft yellow makes the place more quiet and comfortable.

If you’d like to create a comfortable yet dreamy space, these suggestions are sure to resolve it for you. You will be amazed to see how these home painting ideas can transform the appearance of your guest room.

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