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The latest trends in painting techniques: A guide for homeowners and businesses

The idea of aesthetics is evolving by the day. There are a variety of trends coming up. Especially in domestic and commercial painting services, we have many new ideas.

To help you choose the best painting solution, we have listed a few trends in this segment. Read on to find out the different ways to beautify your space with the help of professional painters. Whether you are getting your office or home painted- we always serve the latest trends.

The latest trends in painting techniques:

Ombre wallpaper and paints

A popular and latest painting technique in home and commercial space is ombre. The gradient effect can get achieved using the layering of different paints. There are high-quality wallpapers with an ombre effect too. They are a cost-effective alternative to this painting method.

Textured accent walls

Textured painting is another popular choice that gets chosen these days. The textures get created while priming the wall. Sometimes, different paints get overlapped to create abstract painting texture. Either way, the result is unique abstract art over your walls. Such accent walls can become the statement piece in the room. They are suitable for domestic and business properties.

Use of dark blue, green, or purple

Dark accent hues are gaining popularity these days. Especially cool-toned dark shades get noted as the latest trends. Among these, dark blue, green, and purple are the most common. They get used as solid accent walls. Also, different shades of these colors are used throughout the property to create aesthetic appeal. They are suitable for commercial spaces.

Self-cleaning paints

The walls get dirty over the years. It is a hassle to clean the walls frequently. But the latest innovations have made self-cleaning paints possible. Such colors come with a dirt-resistant and repellent coating. Hence, dirt cannot accumulate over it. Even if it gets dirty, it is simple enough to clean such paints. Simply wiping the surface with a microfibre cloth or with water and wipes is enough to restore the original lustre.

Color wash

Color wash is a technique of layering colors to create an abstract pattern. Complementary colors get used together to create an accent wall that has a unique texture. Usually, satin paint is used as the base and applied with a large brush. A lighter or contrasting shade of diluted color is applied randomly to create an abstract pattern. It appears like a wash of color through which the base shows through. As a result, the wall has a dimension unlike with solid paints.

Rag rolling

As the name suggests, this technique uses paint rollers to apply the paint. Usually, a textured and coarse rag is wrapped around the roller. This is dipped in paint and then applied. It results in an uneven application of the paint which has an abstract aesthetic. It is similar to the color wash. But the contrast is more prominent here. Rag rolling is a comparatively classic method of applying different shades of paint together to achieve more dimensions.


The method is very straightforward. Paint is applied by sponging the wall with an overlapping color. Usually, a darker base color is applied and a lighter shade is sponged over it. The result is a unique texture. Sometimes, metallic colors are also used in the process.


Lastly, metallics are the classic favorites of all time. It is used to create a bold impression in the room. It works best when you are trying to create statement walls. Metallic wall paint is preferred in commercial spaces and occasionally in larger homes. Solid metallic shades are usually not applied. To keep the color subtle yet vibrant, techniques like rag rolling or sponging are used to subdue to intensity of the metal paint.

Irrespective of the property type, we all want to give a facelift to our place once in a while. The latest trends are the inspiration for this. The above-mentioned ideas are a few such popular painting trends that you can choose for your home or business. A reputed painting service contractor can help you out while deciding the best course of action for your property.

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