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Things to expect when getting a commercial building painting estimate

Updated: Mar 14

Painting a whole commercial building is a tedious job for you if you have zero knowledge about whom to hire and how to get yourself the best deal. Commercial building painting is time-consuming and can solely get done with professional help for exterior painting services.

But, the question that can come to our mind is whether we are getting the best deal or not. What is the question you should ask before estimating your commercial building paint? If you are undertaking such a project for the first time, it is only natural that you will feel confused. Your ultimate goal is to hire a contractor who will meet your requirement within an estimated time frame.

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Here we have listed factors to consider when you make a budget for commercial building painting.

Things to expect from a professional painter

The prime step of a consultation process is to discuss the material required for the project. The painting company may have a specific brand in mind that they prefer to use in their work. If you have other recommendations, then this is the right time to make suggestions. The estimator will explain every stage they will go through during the project. Cleaning, scrubbing, and whitewashing to painting- all stages will get explained. The requirement also gets discussed with the client to ensure transparency about the expenditure. Moreover, the process to get the desired results is also discussed.

Things a quote of paint include

Once the consultation gets finished, the estimator will get back to you within a few working days. The final estimation decided during consultation gets intimated to the clients. However, the final bill can deviate from this amount and will get discussed with the client during the process. They will be charged based on the final bill. The estimation is an average but not an absolute amount. You will expect this estimate to reach you by Email or Fax. A reputed organization will not include any hidden charges.

How much does a painter charge

There are some standardized benchmarks set for every company. Based on this standardized measurement, the contractors also determine the cost. Normally, the charges vary from 2 -6$ per square foot for any commercial paint project. Painting projects are unique in their way. Thus, the estimation of the cost is done based on this.

Painting project charges are also estimated based on an hourly or project basis. The image and reputation of the painting service provider influence the rate they charge for either of the services.

Should you negotiate

You need to choose between quality and price. If you want to negotiate with your contractor about the price, he may be willing to do the project at a lower charge. But then, the quality of your work may get compromised. If you are concerned about getting enough value for your money, then it is best to compare four or five options and decide on the most suitable contractor who provides quality at a decent price.

What can you expect from a painting contract?

A contract should contain a copy of the liability and insurance documents of a company. Also, the most important and primary details to add are name, cell number, address, and License number. Along with this detailed information about the warranty are important details in a contract. Any reputed painting company provides all the above information in their will. Once all this detail is authorized you have to officially accept the estimate.

All these factors are part of your commercial painting services estimate. Follow all the above-mentioned things you can expect for a commercial building painting estimate and keep all your concern aside.

Get the best deal after estimating every possibility. Commercial painting service are an essential aspect of maintaining a professional and attractive appearance for any commercial property. Professional commercial painters have the knowledge, experience, and equipment required to ensure a high-quality finish that meets the specific needs of each client.

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