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This Spring Give a New Look to Your Home with these Painting Ideas!

As soon as spring arrives, cleaning is on everyone’s mind. But have you ever thought that the dull and dingy walls ruin all your cleaning efforts, if not given a fresh coat? Now, once you declutter the house, why not welcome the spring with new hues and shades too.

Well, you must be wondering why to paint your house during spring. Here’s why:

  1. Spring is the time for a fresh start and new beginnings.

  2. During spring, the humidity levels are relatively low. That makes the weather perfect for the paint to dry quickly and does not allow moisture to get trapped in wall surfaces.

  3. Spring is the busiest time for property buying and selling. If you are putting your property up for sale or rent, improve its curb appeal with a paint job.

  4. Houses suffer a lot of winter wrecks from snow falls and chilly winds, painting the interior and exterior of the buildings freshen and brighten up its aura and looks.

Now when you are convinced to give a fresh coat to your house, let us share some home painting ideas to apply this spring:

Paint the exterior with neutrals with bright accents

According to the experts, the most popular tones for painting the exteriors are neutral colours like blue, white, brown, grey and tan. While giving a neutral hue to the sides, subtle pops of red, blue or green on the door make it a focal point and improve the curb appeal.

Always consider the external settings and landscape before choosing a colour; and use contrast tones for the trims and shutters to balance the look.

For example, if your house has natural surroundings such as rich soil, trees and stones, go for brown shade on the sides and contrast it with white trims.

Get a statement wall.

When the weather outside is so bright and vibrant, why live with a boring plain wall. Go for an accent wall while upgrading the interiors.

You can experiment with decorative techniques or install enhancing wallpapers to create an accent wall.

New shades for your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets will save you thousands of dollars in getting a new one. With a little effort, it will elevate the look of the kitchen instantly. Ensure that you paint the cabinets with the colours that set off the other elements of the kitchen for best results.

If you have a small kitchen and do not want the coloured cabinets to overwhelm the space, coat

only the lower cabinets. Bold colours on the lower cabinets while the rest in neutral will give a spacious look to your kitchen.

Paint the ceilings bold

We know many of you do not prefer bright tones for ceilings. However, you will be surprised how bold tints for ceilings work well with neutral shades of walls.

Crown moldings to ceilings will create a stunning look. It binds the complementing colours and textures of the room flawlessly and gives it a perfect finish.

Bring hues of spring to your bedroom.

Paint your bedroom with pastel tints of pink, beige or lilac with white, black or grey accents. These cool tones are known for their restful and mood-boosting qualities.

Besides, other shades like yellow, blue, and green also communicate happiness and lighten the mood.

Decorate your room with some blossoming flowers and indoor plants to rejuvenate the aura, and get rid of the winter blues.

Final verdict

Before taking up the spring paint project, check for the quality of paints that stay for long. Our team of professionals is always there to assist you! We are a leading painting services provider company based in Massachusetts & Connecticut. So, waiting for what? Come, book a free consultation with our experts now.

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