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Tips for painting healthcare facilities

Cleaning or painting any commercial facility is a trying task and requires professional attention. Especially for places like a pharmaceutical lab or healthcare facility, you must look for professional painters who specialize in such properties.

Healthcare facilities require optimum hygiene and proper post-painting clean-up to prevent any contamination or patients getting affected by the paint fumes. As a result, from choosing the time of work to the type of paint- everything requires special attention when it is a healthcare facility.

Read on to find a few tried and tested tips that work wonders for such properties and get the painting project concluded successfully.

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Few Tips For Painting Healthcare Facilities

Safety should be the priority

Safety is the first and foremost concern when getting commercial painting services for a healthcare facility. Especially if the property gets interior painting services, this is a primary concern. The commercial painting contractor must communicate all the phases of the painting process and its potential hazards to the healthcare facility management. Accordingly, they should take the necessary steps to keep the patients safe during the time or move them to a different building.

Choose the correct finish

Cleaning is much more frequent and rigorous at healthcare facilities. As a result, the paintwork gets affected if you do not choose good-quality paint. Choose a paint type that will hold up against the frequent cleaning and high footfalls. Glossy or semi-glossy paint gets recommended for such commercial properties. They are generally easier to clean than a matte finish and do not attract dirt and dust as much. They also do not show scratches, bumps, and cracks easily because of the glossy effect.

The suitable color for hospitals

Colors have a curious effect on the human mind. If you choose the right color, it can calm down and soothe the patients visiting the facility. As a result, you must consider choosing the color carefully. Here are a few things to note while selecting colors for a hospital facility's interior and exterior painting:

  • Choose lighter and sober colors which create an illusion of spaciousness and openness. Shades of blue, grey, green, and white are great choices.

  • Accent colors like red can work as stimulants that help visitors combat fatigue. It is a suitable choice for lobbies and reception areas.

  • Yellow is a cheerful shade and works well for large walls. Look for more pastel tones of yellow such as cream, light ochre, and Naples yellow.

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Check the ventilation of the building

Proper ventilation is crucial to disperse the fumes quickly and effectively after the painting gets done. Discuss the ventilation of the building with the owners and accordingly plan the project. Note if the fumes and debris enter the ventilation ways, they can impact the patients all over the building. Plan a course of action to minimize this problem by discussing the procedure with the building owners and maintenance team. They would know the blueprint of the building thoroughly.

Draw up a proper project schedule

Plan the project when there is minimum foot traffic in the building. This will keep the patients safer and isolated. Also, check if the project area is isolated from the rest of the building. Once these get decided, scheduling the project time gets easier.

Maintenance and repair

Check the building thoroughly and inspect for any repairs and maintenance tasks that are needed. These should be done before the painting project gets started. Check for rooting which happens when moisture led to fungal growth on walls. Also, check for chalking on old paints. Mold and mildew growth should be cleaned before you proceed otherwise it can be harmful to the patients. Also, these issues eventually damage the paint job and before long, the building has to be repainted.

Painting a healthcare facility is one of the most crucial parts of making the property more welcoming to patients. But it is equally important to do this safely and secure the property.

We at Metrowest Corporation understand your concern while painting any healthcare building. Trust our professional painters for any healthcare painting requirements in or around Massachusetts & Connecticut. We make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and ensure your healthcare facility is safe and hygienic.

Contact Metrowest Corporation for the best interior and exterior painting services. Our services are based in Massachusetts & Connecticut.

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