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What are the different types of Commercial paints?

Colors have the power to speak, and paint is the vocabulary for the non-living things to express themselves. Paint and hues impact the workplace massively and even protects surfaces in many instances.

Paints for Metal Applications:

Metals are very tricky surfaces to paint and require the correct paint to enhance durability.

  1. Painting for machinery: Machines are found coated in black or grey color, and a slight change from this stereotypical norm cab be visually appealing. At the same time, the machinery must be painted with proper paints so that it stays for a long time and protects the machine. A top-quality urethane is one of the top choices opted for machinery. It is incredibly durable and adheres properly. Additives can get supplemented to enhance the resistance power of the paint to extreme temperatures or humid atmospheres. Ensure that machinery gets adequately cleaned before being exposed to the painting process.

  2. Painting for Ceiling and Fans: Open Ceiling should be painted well to make it appealing and enhance the illumination. A good quality dry fall acrylic paint could be one of the best options to paint the open ceiling.

Exterior Paints for All Surfaces:

A polished look on the exterior creates a welcoming atmosphere for the employees and the clients. As they say, the First impression is the last; an exterior of the workspace is the first impression to the external audience.

  1. Choice of paint for the Stucco and Brick: Stucco and brick are prone to wear and tear and fade away in due course of time. Stucco and Bricks possess a hard surface and require specially formulated paints. Spray application and rollers can be good choices to paint these surfaces. Elastomeric, latex, and acrylic are a few choices for these types of surfaces.

  2. Choice of paint for the siding: Lighter color acrylic and urethane resin solutions are ideal for siding as they absorb significantly less. These provide adhesion and exert a long-lasting coverage on the vinyl.

  3. Choice of paint for the parking lots: Parking lots need to be well marked to ensure safety and prevent heavy traffic. Waterborne acrylic paints are the best choices for this job as they are evident and durable.

Paints for Internal Business:

The internal ambiance of any business has a considerable impact on the work atmosphere. Nobody likes to work in shady or shabby areas, and a pleasing décor can create positivity in the workplace.

  1. Durable Finishes: The areas with heavy traffic and high touch should be coated with Satin, semi-gloss and glossy finishes. These have high durability to high levels of damage. They also eliminate the need for constant repaint. A flat enamel can also be an option for a durable finish

  2. Paints that make the surface stand out: The best option for interior projects is latex paint which is available in many colors. It can also be used to create spectacular murals and wall paintings. The colors can be chosen based on the company’s brand color. Because of its low price and wide availability, it is one of the most widely used options for interiors of workspaces.

Protective Paints:

Good quality paint can protect the surface from getting destroyed by rust. There are specially formulated paints that add an extra layer of protection against the wear and tear of surfaces.

  1. Prevention of Rusting: There are rustproof paints that add an extra layer of protection and prevent the metal from corrosion. These function by blocking the pores where moisture settles, thereby preventing the formation of rust. Latex and Oil-based solutions can be used in this category.

  2. Protection of surfaces: Most surfaces are exposed to the growth of fungus or scratches, and in such scenarios, enamels have a significant role to play. They form a hard layer around the surface, making them resistant to damage.

A reputable commercial painting service can advise best regarding the type of paint to use. Basic understanding will help you make wiser decisions regarding the same.

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