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What is the difference between a professional painting contractor and a painter?

Getting any commercial property painted requires proper planning and understanding of the project. Besides that, it is also crucial to select the best contractor for the job. Only then you get the best services that will be cost-effective and last for decades.

One of the dilemmas most clients face is hiring professional painters or painters. While both provide the same services, some basic differences set these professionals apart. The outcome of your painting project depends a lot on the people you are hiring.

Here we have shared everything you need to know to differentiate and choose between a Professional painter and a painter.

professional painter

What is a painting contractor?

The painting contractors are professionally trained painters working together with a single contractor. They are hired through the contractor or directly by the client. These are usually self-employed trained professionals or a small company of such people. They have specialized skills in overall painting, wallpaper, tile installation, staining, and drywall repair. Some of these contractors also specialize in servicing commercial or domestic properties. The average cost of hiring such professional painters is between $2 to $6 per square foot.

What are the services provided by the painting contractor?

Unlike painters, the approach to the project is slightly different for painting contractors. They first test the building and its structure before planning the entire project. Based on their understanding, they will provide a detailed quotation of the necessary services and the amount they charge. Usually, there is a basic fee for the testing procedure. This is mandatory to ensure all the safety regulations get followed for the project. Professional painting service teams also assist with moving the furniture and other elements also prep the building for the painting. This includes sanding, light repairs, and removing entire areas of old lead-based paints.

painting services

What is a painter?

A painter is an individual who has been trained or self-taught regarding painting buildings. They are skilled individuals but do not have a team and work on a much smaller scale. To work professionally, especially for corporate buildings, the person should have a license as a painter and be associated with the different federations for such businesses. Such painters usually get paid on an hourly basis for the gigs depending on their magnitude. The fees can be anywhere between $25 and $100.

What services are provided by the painter?

Painters provide only basic exterior or interior painting. They would not be testing the property structure or condition before the work. You have to hire another contractor for the testing. Usually, they do not have any general policies, worker compensation, or medical insurance. As a result, any problems or accidents during the project become the client's liability. The service is much cheaper but clients cannot get clarity regarding their experience and skill which can become a problem in the future.

How is a painting contractor different from a painter?

Painting contractors have several legal obligations when they are registered and authorized companies providing the service. As a result, the client is not liable for any damages or accidents. The client can also get compensation if the work done was unsatisfactory. All these depend largely on the initial contract drawn during the dealing. Individual painters have no such guarantees or policies that safeguard the interest of the client.

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Which is more suitable for commercial projects?

For commercial projects, it is always wiser to higher painting contractors who specialize in such properties. They have a bigger workforce and are updated regarding the latest technique and trends to paint such buildings. They also have specific policies, clauses, and insurances that cover commercial property projects separately. As a result, the client can rest assured about the quality. Also, they have better safety regulations which are crucial for undertaking big projects like commercial property painting.

Needless to say, a professional painting contractor has the formal training required to provide superior service. The choice becomes easier for the clients when they have a thorough understanding of the service each provides. If you have the budget, hiring a professional commercial painting contractor is the better choice. It would be a cost-effective decision in the long run.

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