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When is the best time for interior and exterior painting?

Updated: Mar 14

Environment plays a significant role in determining the interior and exterior paint. The weather of an area impacts the longevity of the paint job. Summer, winter, and humid weather affect the work of a professional painter. As each weather condition has its challenges and the painting company knows how to deal with them, they act accordingly. They have the required resources and skills to deal with any weather condition and extract the best result out of it. Also, the timing for getting exterior and interior painting services depends on the variation of paint that gets used.

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How does painting get affected by temperature?

Temperature affects the drying time of the paint. If there is extreme moisture in the air, it will lead to slow drying of the paint. To avoid such situations, commercial painters are always ready with a solution.

The effect of cold temperature

The density of the paint thickens in cold temperatures. As a result, the paint never dries quickly. It gets rather challenging to apply paint in cold weather. This is because the paint may sag or crease eventually. This is the challenge a painter faces during the winter season. It can be avoided by using some special kind of formula. They can be applied easily in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.

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The Effect of heat

If the heat is too much, the paint naturally dries quicker. When the paint dries too fast, it gets bumps and creases on the wall. Also, if the paint is under direct sunlight, it may bubble, wrinkle, and blister.

The issues of Humidity

Humid weather poses another kind of challenge. As there is a lot of moisture in the air, the paint gets bubbles or it can peel. This is a common problem if the paint gets applied in this weather. It gets difficult to paint the exterior wall, due to high humidity. As the wall is in direct contact with rainwater, it can severely damage the paintwork. The average humidity to paint your house is between 40 to 70 percent. In this range, the paint sticks best to the base.

The effect of wind

Windy weather means your paint will dry too fast. If you paint your wall in windy weather, there is a high possibility of seeing cracks on the wall in the coming days. A paint needs proper resting time to get dry and cured if this drying process gets done too fast. The best situation to paint a wall is when the wind speed is gentle around 8mph.

So the best weather condition for exterior paint is when the humidity is between 40 to 70%, No rain risk, and 50 to 85 degrees temperature.

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Best time of the year for interior painting services

The best time to paint your interior depends on the humidity level of your house. Some houses contain more moisture than others. This makes it difficult for the paint to dry. A heating system comes in handy in this kind of situation. You must also prioritize the need of the customer. So whenever they demand service, the commercial painting service companies make it happen regardless of the external weather conditions.

Best time of year for external painting services The exterior paint depends totally on the weather. The most difficult season to work on is the monsoon or rainy weather. The humidity and heat play a role in determining the ideal time for painting the exterior. A commercial painter knows which temperature is ideal to paint the exterior of the house. They will advise you accordingly.

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Final Words

Getting the help of a professional is best if you plan on painting your home. Several factors determine the ideal time to paint and it depends on the weather, location, temperature, etc.

Commercial painting service are an essential aspect of maintaining a professional and attractive appearance for any commercial property. Professional commercial painters have the knowledge, experience, and equipment required to ensure a high-quality finish that meets the specific needs of each client.

Contact Metrowest Corporation for the best interior and exterior painting services. Our services are based in Massachusetts & Connecticut.

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